Semester 2 – Finals Study Guide – 9 th Grade English

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Semester 2 – Finals Study Guide – 9th Grade English
The following questions and bullets highlight the information that you will be asked about on your final
for the semester. You will be turning in this study guide the day of the final.
Romeo and Juliet
Who are the main characters?
Summarize the plot.
Persuasive Writing (know the definitions of the following words, and be able to give an example)
Fast Food Nation
Vocab – (know the definition for each of the following words)
1. Franchise
2. Uniformity
3. Conformity
4. Subsidy
5. Diet
6. Exploitation
7. Vegan
8. Vegetarian
9. Entrepreneur
10. GMO (genetically-modified organism)
Chapter 1, "The Founding Fathers"
o What restaurant chain did Carl Karcher start?
o What was the "Speedee Service System" and how was it different from what other
fast food restaurants were doing?
Chapter 2, "Your Trusted Friends"
o Why, in the 1980s, did companies start marketing to kids and what were some of
the ways in which they did this?
o Why would companies, especially fast food restaurants, want to target children
with their advertising?
Chapter 3, "Behind the Counter"
o Why are so many fast food employees teenagers?
o What is meant by "McDonald's English?"
Chapter 4, "Success"
o What was different about the way McDonald's franchised businesses?
Chapter 5, “Why the Fries Taste Good”
o When and why did McDonalds start to buy frozen French fries? What was the
customer’s reaction?
o Why do fast food companies add artificial colors and flavors to their food?
Chapter 6, “On the Range”
o How many meatpacking companies now dominate the industry?
o How much more fat than a hamburger do chicken McNuggets contain?
Chapter 7, “Cogs in the Machine”
o What are the benefits of hiring illegal immigrants?
o Why did meatpacking switch to a Speedee Service system? How did this help the
Chapter 8, “The Most Dangerous Job”
o What is the most dangerous job?
o Why is it so dangerous?
Chapter 9. “What’s in the meat?”
o What are some of the side effects of E.Coli?
o Why are there more problems with meat today than there were decades ago?
Chapter 10, “Global Realization”
o Why is obesity a problem for American society as a whole?
Epilogue, “Have it Your Way”
o What are some things that you can do help yourself and others stay healthy?
Other Food Topics (from presentations)
o What is the difference between vegetarians and vegans?
o What are GMOs?
o What are three benefits of GMOs?
o What are three drawbacks to GMOs?
High Fructose Corn Syrup
o What is it and what is it substituted for in food?
o How can it be a bad thing to eat?
Food Pyramid
o What are the categories of the food pyramid? Give examples of 2 foods you eat
that fit into each category. (Example – Category – Fats, oils, and sweets. Foodscookies and mayonnaise.)
o What is obesity and how is it determined?
o What are three healthy ways that people can reduce their weight?
o How do people contract E. Coli?
o What are three of the symptoms that someone has E.Coli?
Meat Safety (P.2)
o What are some of the health problems that can come from meat? Why?
Organic Foods (P.2)
o Why are organic foods better?
Diabetes (P. 4)
o What are three symptoms of diabetes?
o Why is diabetes a problem?
Food Inc.
1. Do animals have the right to a certain quality of life? Explain your answer.
2. Do people have the right to know what is in their food? Explain your answer.
3. Should access to healthy food be a right for everyone? Explain your answers.
4. Should a company have the power to decide what information to give consumers about the food it
produces? Explain your answer.
Super Size Me
1. What was the primary question that Morgan had when he started this experiment?What would
happen if_____________________________________
2. By day 15 do you notice a change in the way Morgan looks? What changes have taken place?
3. What are the doctor’s opinions of the experiment after 20 days?
4. What do you think is the reason that McDonalds refused to be interviewed for this movie?
5. List four ways McDonalds lures children to their restaurant.
6. List five health problems associated with obesity.