The Eagle Review

The Eagle Review
Troop 897
[Edition 1, Volume 1]
A Walk through the Past
What’s On Deck?
Our trip to Colonial Williamsburg 12/10/2011
Williamsburg trip was a day
trip to explore Colonial
Williamsburg and learn about
the life in the early 1800s.
The boys enjoyed lunch at
The Cheese Room and some
"mischief" that caused them
to be "locked-up" in the
stockades. Everyone in
attendance had a great time,
although it was a small crew
who was able to attend. As
an added benefit, the boys
were able to complete a
requirement toward the
American Heritage Merit
Which square knot awards can be worn by
Email your answer to
Winner will be listed in next month’s issue.
Holiday Spirit
Christmas is, for
Christians, the most
joyous holiday of the
winter season. The holiday
parties, exchange of gifts,
and the brilliant lights of
Christmas trees add to the
joy and gladness of this
6th- District Roundtable 7pm
9th- Troop Meeting- don’t
forget to finish up your
Chess merit badge, any
outstanding Family Life
merit badge info, etc.
11th-Committee meeting
7:30pm room 217Mt. Pisgah
Fleur de lis Trivia:
5th- Ryan Sabisch’s
birthday- Happy birthday,
season. Sometimes, we
forget this holiday is a
religious celebration.
Upon reflection, we
remember the real holiday
spirit is cast by the Star of
Bethlehem. This reminds
us of the miracles from
times past beginning with
the birth of the Christ in
the manger– the greatest
gift of all! In the 12th point
13-15th- Wintergreen ski trip
13-16th- Huguenot Trail
Merit Badge Weekend (Brady
16th- School holiday – No
weekly meeting
16th- Martin Luther King
Day Flags-7am and 6pm.
Please contact Mr. Cole to
23rd- Weekly meeting
7:30pm Mt. Pisgah
27th- Order of the Arrow
chapter meeting 7:30pm
30th- School holiday- no
20 Questions with Dave Maloy
Special Guest:
of the Scout Law, we say,
“A Scout is Reverent.”
This does not mean a
scout must go around all
the time with a long face,
serious, or with hands
folded in prayer. It means
he performs his duty to
God, willingly and without
asking, including doing
helpful things for others;
not just during the
holidays, but throughout
the year.
As a Scout, you should
practice your “good deed
daily” to show your
devotion to God by helping
others and giving the gift of
yourself. At this most
joyous season, I wish you a
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year,
Mr. Coiley, Scoutmaster
Our Newsletter goes
Instead of a hardcopy
newsletter, your newsletter
will now arrive in your email
box the first week of each
month. A spotlight on one of
our troop members or patrols,
upcoming events and
activities, flag days, and trivia
question are only a few areas
we will cover.
If you would like some
information posted in the
newsletter, please have your
information to Dave Maloy by
the 15th of the month so we
can put it in the next issue.
Phillip Clabough
When were you born? Where? Dec 19, 199 at St
Mary’s Hospital.
2. How many brothers do you have? Animals?
2 brothers, 1 dog, 1 cat
3. When did you join Scouts? 3rd grade Bear
4. Why did you join? Matthew W wanted me to join.
5. What has been your most memorable event in
Scouts? Summer camps
6. What has been the most difficult thing to learn in
Scouts? Knots
7. What has been the easiest thing to learn in Scouts?
Knife safety
8. What has been your best camping meal? Not sure
9. What about the worst camping meal? Not sure
10. If you could give advice to someone who is thinking
about joining Scouts, what would you say? Camping
is a great way to learn new things.
11. What was your best experience at camp? Learning
new merit badges
12. What was your worst experience at camp? All the
rain at Fairfax Rod & Gun camp.
13. What is it like having a younger brother in Scouts
with you? More responsibility, have to watch his
14. What do you think it will be like having 2 brothers
with you in the same Troop? Too much
15. What is your long range plan for Scouts? To get my
16. What are you thinking about for an Eagle Project?
Not sure yet
17. Do you think it will be difficult? --18. What position do you want to hold in Scouts? --19. What position do you not want to hold?
20. If you could change one thing about Scouts, what
would it be? Shorter meetings