Epic Test Review

Epic Test Review
Part 2
1. Define marketplace of ideas.
All ideas should be allowed before the public,
and the correct ideas will eventually win
2. Explain the importance of the Supreme Court
case Miranda v. Arizona.
now police officers must read people their rights
when they are arrested
3. Which constitutional amendment guarantees
the right to assemble and to protest?
1st amendment
4. . Which founding father first proposed the
idea that the U.S. establish a powerful central
government divided into 3 branches?
James Madison
5. What did the “Great Compromise” create?
it created our bicameral Congress with one
house basing representation on population
and one house having equal representation
6. What is the “exclusionary rule”? What
amendment does it protect?
The “exclusionary rule” holds that evidence
gathered in violation of the Constitution
cannot be used in a trial. It protects the 5th
amendment and due process
7. What determines the number of
representatives in the House and the Senate?
House representation is based on population
Senate representation is equal
8. Which amendment protects flag burning?
1st Amendment
9. . Instead of going to trial, what do most
criminal cases result in?
plea bargain
10. Explain the importance of the Supreme
Court Case Brown v. Board of Education.
it ended school segregation
11. Explain the importance of the Supreme
Court Case Gideon v. Wainwright.
it made sure that poor defendants were given
legal council (lawyers)
12. Explain the importance of the Supreme
Court Case Marbury v. Madison.
it established Judicial Review; the ability of the
Supreme Court to determine if legislation is
13. What is the purpose of the American
to support the President’s policies and goals
14. Why are interest groups so common in the
interest groups have the ability to gain easy
access into american government
15. What are interest groups? What are political
Interest groups attempt to use their influence to
gain political power, while parties attempt to
influence elections.
16. What is a political platform?
a document outlining a party’s goals
17. What is globalization?
the process of increasing the connectivity and
interdependence of the world's markets and
18. Why do 3rd parties experience very little
success in American politics?
because we use a winner-take-all model
19. What is the Peace Corps? Who created it?
volunteer group created by President John F.
20. What is NAFTA? What president signed it
into law?
North American Free Trade Agreement
Bill Clinton
21. What is the “Iron Triangle”
a governmental decision-making group
composed of a bureaucratic agent, member of
Congress, and an interest group
22. What is the Model for Responsible Party
1. adopt a party platform (document stating
parties goals)
2. recruit candidates committed to executing
party platform
3. inform public of platform
4. organize campaigns
5. organize government (if elected)
6. hold officials accountable