Julius Caesar Review Test will be on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Julius Caesar Review
Test will be on Wednesday, April 2, 2014—There will be a substitute here
Test will be worth 80-100 points and consist of the following:
A. Rhetorical Devices
a. Reverse Psychology
e. Pathos
g. Antithesis
b. Anaphora
f. Understatement
h. Apostrophe
c. Ethos
g. Logos
i. Aposiopesis
d. Rhetorical questions
h. Paralipsis
B. Literary Devices
a. Simile
d. personification
g. allusion
j. pun
b. Metaphor
e. aside
h. comic relief k. monologue
c. Soliloquy
f. dramatic irony
i. foreshadowing
C. Characterization: Know the following people and places
a. Portia
f. Caesar’s ghost
k. Calpurnia
p. Octavius
b. Soothsayer
g. Julius Caesar
l. Antony
q. Pindarus
c. Lepidus
h. first triumvirate
m. Casca
r. Phillipi
d. Brutus
i. second triumvirate n. Cassius
e. Cinna
j. Marullus
o. Pompey
D. Vocabulary Terms: Know the following and be able to identify using synonyms, antonyms,
definitions, or in context
a. Coffers
d. apparition
g. envenomed
j. gallant
b. Compel
e. engendered
h. exigent
k. gorging
c. Malice
f. ensign
i. fret
l. peevish
E. Quote Identification—You will be given a list of about 30 quotes tomorrow that will be posted this
afternoon by 3:30; make sure you know who stated it, to whom or about whom it was spoken, and
the significance of the quote
F. Know the following themes and be able to tie to the play with specific details, characters, possible
quotes, etc.
Be careful whom you trust
f. Superstition can be a powerful driving force
Too much ambition can be dangerous
g. People want to see the good in others
Good leaders acknowledge their own
h. Weak people can be easily manipulated
d. We cannot control our fate
i. One man’s hero is another man’s enemy
e. Politicians are only concerned with
what themajority of people want
G. Comprehension of Story through True and False and Multiple Choice questions primarily focusing on Acts 35.
H. Written Section—Extended Responses—Some of the possible topics
a. How Julius Caesar remained a vital force in the play AFTER his assassination
b. The role of superstition in the play
c. Compare/contrast Brutus and Cassius’ motives for killing Caesar
d. Compare/ contrast Brutus and Antony’s funeral orations
e. Tragic Hero and Tragic Flaws
f. Quote analysis of funeral orations, Brutus’ decision making to kill Caesar, and Brutus’s final words
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