What is different about international marketing?


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What is different about



• Technical – principles, processes, models, tools – universal • Social – relationships with customers, clients, publics, staff, politicians – vary according to culture (Bartels) • Environmental – affecting needs and usage

Three orientations • Ethnocentric – strategies based on home market/culture • Multi-centric – a different strategy for each foreign market • Global-centric – a single strategy for the whole world – if the price and quality are right it will sell anywhere (Levitt 1983)

Do we live in a global village?

Or just a global marketplace?

• Global competition – for local markets • Global brands – with local meanings (Usunier 1996) • Practical v Symbolic functions • Cultural convergence v cultural backlash

What is culture?

• Shared beliefs, values, behaviour • Uniting a group and distinguishing it from others • formed through geography, history, language, race, religion, economics • expressed in arts and sports, social, educational, legal and political systems • Learnt, not inherited. Developing or dying

EuroDisney and Cultural misunderstandings • What is a theme park?

• What is a resort?

• Where do you book a short-break?

• Service • Alcohol Max Weber (1928) The Protestant Ethic and the Rise of Capitalism • America For the full case study click here

The key questions • • Why do companies decide to trade abroad?

• How do you assess a potential foreign market?

• What are the key decisions to make in entering that market successfully?

– Market entry strategy – implementation strategy (STP 4Ps)

Feasibility study assignment

– –

seminar presentations report

Sector studies in International Leisure Film, Music, Home-Entertainment, Sport, Tourism • Universal languages or Symbols of national identity?

• Global commodities or Art-forms?

• A case for special treatment?

• Volatility of fashion and demand – need to spread the risk across markets • Dominance of US market and culture

Multimedia convergence Film TV shows sport games and music Content Cable, Satellite and terrestrial Computers 3G phones iTV Processing Transmission Hardware • Content is key to sales, of subscriptions, hardware and merchandise • Multimedia de mergers: AOL Time Warner, Universal Vivendi • Has this approach worked?

Sector studies: key questions • What is the network of organisations in the Value-delivery system? (Kotler 1998) • Who are the leading organisations who control or dominate the market?

• How can a British company survive and prosper in this market?

• • Could the British/EU government help?

Assessed by exam questions

Resources • Terpstra and Sarathy

(2000) International Marketing

Dryden • Hollensen, S (2000)

Global Marketing

• • Usunier (1998)

Marketing across Cultures

Prentice Hall http://apollo4.bournemouth.ac.uk/si/mmorgan/index.html