& Extract The File Ccstudio 3.1.exe. Start the setup by

DSP Configuration Tutorial
(Excluding the hardware part)
Download & Extract The setup
from Here.
Start the setup by clicking on
Launch.exe in the folder ccs.
Launch.exe Main Menu. Click on Install Products
Install All Products One By One.
Do Not Launch The Program Until All Products Have Been Installed.
Right Click on Ccstudio Icon & Run as administrator
Ignore The Error Message
Click on New… in the project menu
Write A Project Name. Select A Location For The Project. Set Project Type To
Executable. Select the Target TMS320C67XX.
Right click Libraries & then click Add Files To Project…
Add the following files one by one.
• Browse To The Folder:
• Add File rts6700.lib.
• Browse to:
• Add File dsk6713bsl.lib
• Browse to:
• Add File csl6713.lib.
Click on Project->Build Options…
In The Complier->Basic Section:
Set Target Version To C671x
In The Compiler->Advanced section:
Set Memory Models to Far (--mem_model:data=far)
In The Compiler->Preprocessor Section:
Set Include Search Path To------> C:\CCStudio_v3.1\C6000\dsk6713\include
Set Pre-Define Symbol To--------> CHIP_6713
Click the New Button or Press Ctrl+N
Save the file with any name.
Don’t forget to add the .c extension to the filename.
Right Click on Source, & Add Files To Project.
Select the file you saved in the previous step.
Always include the file dsk6713.h
Important Note!!!
• The settings in this tutorial are for DSK6713. If
you are using DSP Kit DSK6416, then, for every
67xx in the tutorial, you have to use 64xx.
• The Only Difference between 6416 & 6713 is
– 6416 = 1 GHz
– 6713 = 225 MHz
Thank you
Tutorial By:
Syed Ghazanfar Abbas Rizvi