Function of the Organelles Name Period Controls movement in and

Function of the Organelles
1. Controls movement in and out of the cell
1. Cell Membrane
2. Aqueous fluid within the cell that is about
20% protein
3. Serves as a pathway for transport material
through the cell and internal structure
4. Serves as the control center for the cell
2. Cytosol
3. Cytoskeleton
4. Nucleus
5. Sites of protein synthesis
5. Ribosomes
6. Involved in digestion of food and
breakdown of old structures
7. Uses carbohydrates to generate ATP
6. Lysosome
7. Mitochondria
8. Receives, modifies, and sends proteins to
other parts of the cell
9. Involved in cell division in animal cells
8. Golgi apparatus
9. Centrioles
10. Fluid filled organelles that contain food,
wastes, or toxins
11. Site of the production of ribosomes
10. Vacuoles
11. Nucleolus
12. Gives cell its shape and support, not found
in animals
13. Short, numerous hair-like structures used
for movement
14. Long, hair-like structure used for
15. Site of photosynthesis
12. Cell Wall
13. Cilia
14. Flagella
15. Chloroplst