Different Forms of Government

Different Forms
of Government
Bell Ringer, you crazy kids!
1.) True or False:
 James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John
Jay wrote the Federalist Papers to convince New
Yorkers to ratify the Constitution.
2.) Did Anti-Federalists think the states or the federal
government should have more power?
3.) True or False:
 More people agreed to the Constitution when the
federalists added the Bill of Rights.
 SSCG19
The student will compare and
contrast governments that are unitary,
confederal, and federal; autocratic,
oligarchic and democratic; and
presidential and parliamentary.
 Which 3 terms above have you heard in
reference to the U.S. government?
What’s a Unitary form of Gov.?
 State
governed as one single power in
which the central government is
ultimately supreme and any
states/provinces have only powers that
central government chooses to give to
Confederal Gov.?
 Instead
of a strong central government, a
confederation is an agreement between
separate bodies (or states) to cooperate
with each other.
Federal Gov.?
system that divides up power between
a strong national government and smaller
local governments. (Like the U.S.)
Autocratic Gov.?
 government
in which one person has
uncontrolled or unlimited
authority over others; the government or
power of an absolute monarch.
Oligarchic Gov.?
form of government in which all power
is given to a few people or
a dominant class or clique.
Democratic Gov.?
 power
is vested in the people, who rule
either directly or through freely elected
Presidential Gov.?
system of government where an
executive branch is led by a president
who serves as both head of state and
head of government.
Parliamentary Gov.?
system of government in which the
power to make and execute laws is
held by a parliament.
Work Session:
 Pick
a partner! (Or work alone!) 
 Choose any of the 8 forms of government
we’ve discussed, and create a Power Point that
 -the definition
 -at least 2 pictures
 -example of a country with that type of gov.
 -And…compare it to another form of gov. that
it is similar to and contrast it with a form of gov.
that it is not similar to.
 Share with me: arnoldjo@clarke.k12.ga.us
 Groups
may share their PPTs with the class
for candy!!! 