Steven Rider is 33 years old and works for a major airline. He

Collect the worksheet titled
“ Candidates for President”
And follow the instructions
Carlene Watson was born in
St. Louis, Missouri. She has
lived in California for the
last 13 years. She is 36 years
old, is married, and has 3
children. She is currently
the mayor the city in which
she resides.
Why Not?
Steven Rider is 33 years old
and works for a major
airline. He currently lives
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
with his wife.They have no
children.While he was born
in the U.S., he lived in
Ireland until he was 21. He
has never held political
Why Not?
Tim Nguyen has lived in
Chicago, Illinois for the last
20 years. He has been a city
council member and was
elected to serve as a state
representative. His parents
immigrated to the U.S. from
Vietnam before he was born.
Mr. Nguyen was born in 1958
in Portland, Oregon. He is not
Why Not?
Maxine St. Claire is currently the
President of the U.S. She was
elected to a second term with
over 67% of the vote. She is 54
years old and resides in the
White House with her
husband and 2 children.
Why Not?
Michael Sanders was born in
Bangor, Maine in 1968. His
father was a senator and his
mother served on the city
council. He joined the military
when he was 18 and was
stationed in Japan for 3 years.
After he left the military, he
attended college in Phoenix,
Arizona where he has lived
since graduation.
Why Not?
Jacques Remco was born in 1948
in New Orleans. Louisiana.
His mother was a French
citizen, but his father was
American. He and his family
lived in Paris until 2004. He
has never held public office.
Why Not?
Review Homework answers
1. federal bureaucracy
2. turn new laws into action by deciding how to apply them
 administer day to day operations of government
 Regulate various activities
 3. Executive agencies (ex- NASA)
 Government corporations ( post office)
 Regulatory Boards and Commission ( ex- Federal Communication
4. Political appointees
5.civil service system
open, competitive examinations and merit.
National Executive Branch
Roles of the president
President Warren Harding shakes hands with Babe Ruth.
Key Ideas in this Lesson
 Presidential power is broad in both domestic and
foreign affairs.
 There are limits on what the president can and
cannot do. (established by the Constitution and the
system of checks and balances)
 Presidential power has grown over the years since
the Constitution was ratified.
 The president and the executive branch play a key
role in policymaking.
I have so many jobs to do every day that I have to
assume many roles. Read about what I do on
textbook pages 172-174 and identify each of my
You will need to use your vocabulary list too.
Next find the picture that best represents each
role and past it in the box beside the role.
Meet with your 3:00 partner
You have 20 minutes.
Chief of
Roles of
Chief of
in Chief
Chief Executive
 Head of the executive branch
1. Executes the laws
2. In charge of 15 cabinet departments
3. Issue a rule or command that has the force of law called executive order
4. Appoint federal judges to the Supreme Court and other federal courts
5. Grant a pardon
Describe What power does the president have that carries the force of law and
assists the president in enforcing laws passed by Congress?
The president has the power to issue executive
Click the mouse button or press the
Chief Diplomat
3. 3. 4.
1. Directs foreign policy
2. Makes decisions on how the US acts toward
other countries
3. Focus on keeping our country safe from
harm called national security
4. Appoints ambassadors to represent our
country’s government
5. Makes treaties or formal agreements with
other countries
Commander in Chief
1. Head of the armed forces
2. Uses the armed forces to back up
foreign policy decisions
3. Only Congress can declare war
4. President can order troops into
Identify What duties does the president carry out as commander in chief?
The president is the leader of the military, must notify Congress
when troops are sent into battle, and must order troops home
within 90 days unless Congress approves a longer stay or declares
Roles of the President
• Congress has declared war only five times, yet
presidents have sent troops into action more than
150 times. 
• This situation may threaten the system of checks
and balances.
Chief Legislator
1. Congress expects the president
to propose legislation
2. Gain support for ideas by
appealing the people
3. Approve or veto laws
4. Appoint officials who help carry
out the laws
5. Propose legislation and appeal to
the people in an annual speech to
Congress called the State of the
Union Address
Joe Biden as President
of the Senate
John Boehner as Speaker of
the House
By announcing his ideas he hopes to:
Watch part of the 2012 Address
Why does the president give several
speeches to Congress each year, including
the State of the Union address?
The Constitution requires the president to give
Congress information about the “state of the union.”
These speeches fulfill that obligation.
Chief of State
1. Living symbol of our
2. Greets visiting foreign
3. Carries out ceremonial
President Obama, Queen Elizabeth of Great
Britain, Michelle Obama, Prince Philip
Chief Citizen
1. Representative of all the
2. Tries to help the economy
3. Plan the federal budget
Certain moral obligations
Chief of Party
1. Leader of the political
party that controls the
executive branch
2. Helps fellow party
members win elective
3. Helps to raise money for
the party
The president of the United States is generally considered to
hold the most important job in the world. Why?
The job of U.S. president is generally considered the
most important in the world because of the power and
global influence of the United States.
Which of the president’s
7 roles ( or hats ) that
he has to do each day
do you think is the most
important? Why?
The president has cabinet departments, agencies and
regulatory groups to help him carry out these roles and to
interpret and execute the laws.
Presidential Cabinet
This is the group of advisors closest to the president.
They provide the president with detailed information so he can
make informed decisions
The heads of each department are appointed by the president
(political appointee)
These department heads are in the presidential line of succession
Class work
Complete the matching
exercise on the president’s
 Complete the two
exercises on the back page.