Teaming Success Stories & the Environments that Created Them

Presented to:
The Mt Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce
June 14, 2011
By: Allegra McCullough
All Contracts Represent Teaming Efforts
Teaming Is Not New to Women
Women Team in their Daily Lives
Women Are Natural Candidates for Teaming
Teaming is not Confined to Small B2B
Ideal Large, Business Partners
Supplier Diversity Programs
Supply Chain Strategies
Corporate Responsibility to Community
Long-term Relationships With Vendors
Responsibility to Build Strong Vendors
Large B2B With Small
Innovation Without R & B Costs
Potential Business Spinoff Partners
Mentorship/Protégé Development
Increase in Profits
Small B2B – those who do it well
Vision for Growth
Assessed Strengths & Weaknesses
Networking Strength
Shared Information
Corporate Responsibility
Increase in Profits
Reston Limousine
Kristina Bouweri
is the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s
largest limousine/shuttle service and its premier
transportation provider.
is nationally ranked 17th in operational size,
and among the top 10 largest shuttle bus
despite the economy, the past year proved
successful for Reston Limousine, with posted
revenues of $16.6 million
Collaborative efforts & Charitable Giving
ABBTech Staffing Services
Threase Baker, CEO
Received 6 Honors from Diversity's 2010 awards
Ranked 348 in the Top 500 Woman Owned
Businesses in the Country
Ranked #2 in the Top 50 Women Owned
Businesses in Virginia
Numerous Business Organization relationships
Omega World Travel (business & gov’t )
Gloria Bohan, President & CEO
Inducted into Enterprising Women’s Hall of
Div500 list as the most influential and
successful business of 2008
$1.2 billion in annual revenues
Alignment with services of diverse business partners
Small Women Business
Taking Their Places on
the Success Ladder
Zavda Technologies, LLC
Dr. Stacy Trammell
is a service connected disabled veteran, 8a and
SDB certified woman owned small business
is a SeaPort-e prime contractor from the
NAVSEA Support Services Acquisition Program
Is a 3 time winner of Omnibus III Awards from
the Department of the Army – 1 prime, 2
Access to diverse business networking
Carter Technology Consulting, Inc.
Marianne Carter, President & CEO
a Veteran-Owned/Woman-Owned Small
is a small business partner with BAE Systems
Information Technology Incorporated and
Invertix Corporation on a $492 million on the
U.S. Army’s INSCOM) (IDIQ) contract.
6-year subcontract opportunity with
Winbourne & Costas, Inc supporting IBM-DHS
USCIS Transformation
Networking & B2B Success led to Contracts
Ampcus, Inc., Global IT Consulting
Anjali Ramalumaran
awarded several Prime contracts with US Air
force, EPA and USDA
recorded $9,200,000 in sales
its revenues for the Q2, 2010 increased by 100
is featured in the Wall Street Journal
as the one of the fastest growing companies in
Company Motto: Collaboration redefined
America's Top Corporations for
Women's Business Enterprises
• Accenture; Alcatel-Lucent; AT&T; Avis Budget
Group, Inc.; Chevron; Dell; Energy Future
Holdings; Ernst & Young LLP; Exxon Mobil
Corporation; IBM; Johnson & Johnson;
Manpower; Marriott International, Inc.;
Microsoft; Office Depot; PepsiCo, Inc.; Pfizer
Inc; Shell Oil Company; The Home Depot; UPS;
and Verizon.
Where Is Your Name?????
Networking & Collaboration
Organizational Best Practices
Programs designed to acknowledge wins,
teaming efforts, posting of opportunities for
Industry-specific committees
Encourage large, Corporate memberships
Lobbying presence
Inter-organizational partnerships
The American Small Business Coalition
Women Business Enterprise National Council
Women Presidents’ Organization
National Association of Women Business Owners
For Your Wealth of Information