Business Ethics

Exploring Business/Marketing/Entrepreneurship
Obj. 5.02 Study Guide
 Ethics: Set of moral principles by which people conduct themselves
personally, socially or professionally. Rules of behavior that govern a group
or society.
 Business Ethics: A set of guidelines about how a business should conduct
itself. Using ethical business practices means that a business must operate
legally, ethically and humanely.
 Code of Ethics: A set of guidelines for maintaining ethics in the workplace.
 Ethical Employees: Confidential, dependable, able to get along with others,
honest, prompt, respect other people and property, trustworthy.
 Ethics in the Workplace: Work during work time, use company money
appropriately, respect company property and use it appropriately for work
purposes, treat coworkers with respect.
 Computer Use Policy: General principles to guide computer user behavior.
For example, not playing computer games, checking personal e-mail or
shopping online for personal use during work hours.
 Acceptable Use Policy: A policy that a user must agree to follow in order to
be provided access (log-in username and password) to a network or to the
 Ethical Decision Making: What is the ethical issue or problem? What facts
have the greatest impact on the decision? Who could be affected by your
decision and how? What would each person want you to do about the
issue? What are 3 alternative actions? Who would be harmed by each
choice and how? Are there automatic responses to eliminate any choice?
Select your course of action – make an informed ethical decision.
(Adapted from BF Skinner)