1.who was registrar general and census commissioner of india who

1.who was registrar general and census commissioner of india who headed 15th census of india?
a.pranab mukherjee
b. c chandramouli
c.c. kamara mathunaranjan
d. none of these
2. State having lowest literacy rate according to 2011 census?
a. bihar b. kerala
c. harayana
d. UP
3.Slogan and mascot of 2011 census was?
a. “our census-our future” and “female enumerator” b. “our census –our future” and “ poverty
c. “our census-our identity” and “illiteracy eradication”
d. none of these
4.what is meaning of economic term “oligopoly”?
a. existence of few sellers and few products
b. existence of few sellers and few buyers
c. exixtence of many sellers and few products
d. none of these
5. What is reverse repo rate?
a. the rate at which rbi lends money to banks
b. the rate at which rbi borrows from banks for short term
c. the rate at which rbi borrows from banks for long term
d. none of these
6.current five year plan(2012-17) is
a. 10th plan
b. 11th plan
c. 12th plan
d. none of these
7.”income tax”, “corporation tax”, “land tax”, “estate duty tax” and “inheritance” tax are examples
a. direct tax b. indirect tax
c. both a and b
d. none of these
8.”VAT tax”, “customs duty”, ”excise duty tax” and “insurance premium tax” are examples of?
a. direct tax
b. indirect tax
c. both a & b
d. none of these
9. First five year plan was based on the model of?
a.PC mahalanobis two sector model
b. herold-domar model
c. narsimha moham model
d. none of these
10.which five year plan is also known as “ gadgil yojana” ?
a. 1st plan
2. 2nd plan
d. 3rd plan
e. 4th plan
11.HDI measure was firstly given by which noble prize winner economist?
a. amartya sen
b.mehbub ul haq
c. mohammad yar khan
d. none of these
12.National rural health mission(NRHM) was launched in?
a. 2000
b. 2001
c. 2002
d. 2005 13.according to EPI( Environmental performance index) 2012 report prepared by yale and
Columbia university, india with EPI of 48.3%, is ranked at
a. 121
b. 125 c. 132
d. 56
14.hazari committee is related to?
a. industrial policy b. small scale industry
d. none of these
15. C Rangarajan committee is related to?
a. industrial policy
b. small scale industry
c.disinvestment d. none of these
16.india is ……….largest producer of world in steel and ranks ………….in production of milk?
a. 4, 1
b. 3, 1
c. 2,1
d. 2,2
17.india ranks………..in production of sugar industry and ranks………..in production of jute in whole
a.2, 1
b. 1,1
c. 3,1
d. 4,1
18.the national stock exchange of india is …………….largest stock in world?
a. 12th
b. 14th
c. 15th
d. 16th
19.yellow, pink and silver fiber revolutions are respectively related to?
a. oilseeds, cotton, poultry
b. oilseeds,shrimp,cotton
c. cotton, shrimp, poultry
d. none of these
20.who is known as “father of green revolution”?
a. m.s swaminathan
b. Mhinder singh randhawa
c. Varghese kurien
d. none of these
21. Author of book “planned economy of india” is?
a. mahinder singh randhawa
b. b.r ambedkar
c. visvesvaryya
d. none of these
22.national planning council was established in?
a. 1965
b. 1975
c. 1985
d. 1995
23.the goals of monetary policy do not include?
a. maximum output
b. full employment
c. price stability
d. maximum tax revenue
24. The consumer’s surplus can be defined as?
a. extra units of commodity bought
b. surplus commodity left after consumption
c. difference between actual price and potential price
d. total consumer satisfaction
25. Marginal utility, a consumer derives from good is?
a. change in his total utility as a result of adding one unit to his stock to good
b. utility derived from particular good
c. change in utility derived as a result of change in price of good
d. change in his total utility when he buys extra units of good
26.” If the Indian airlines is making loss on passenger traffic, it should increase its prices” the
suggested remedy would only work if demand for air travel had a price elasticity of?
a. 1
b. less than 1 but more than 0
c. greater than 1
d. 0
27. Currency drain is phenomenon reffered to when
a. holding of currency by foreigners in country goes up
b. domestic currency is exported
c. the currency holding by parallel economy increases
d. bank’s cash is drained into non bank customers
28. The two-gaps theory refers to?
a. savings gap and wage-goods gap
b. savings gap and exchange gap
c. savings gap and employment gap
d. the wage-goods gap and exchange gap
29. The demand for good is elastic if?
a. demand for that good increases when price falls
b. decrease in price results in decrease in total expenditure
c. quantity demanded increases less than proportionately with decrease in price level
d. increase in public expenditure
30. Saving is function of?
a. investment
b. export
c. improvement in productivity
d. income
31. Bank rate means?
a. interst rate charged by money lenders
b. interest rate charged by scheduled banks
c. rate of profit of banking institution
d. official rate of interest charged by central bank of the country
32.currency notes in india are printed and supplied by?
a. security press, nashik
b. security press, Mumbai
c. security press, noida
d. rbi, new delhi
33. When did india become member of international monetary fund?
a. 1947
b. 1950
c. 1951
d. 1955
34. The first Indian bank was
a.traders bank
b.imperial bank
c. presidency bank, Kolkata
d. none of these
35.second nationalization of commercial bank was held in?
a. 1979
b. 1980
d. 1982
36.in 1944, planning and development department was set up under the chairmanship of?
a. a. dalal
b. pt. jawahar lal Nehru
c. visvesvaryya
d. none of these
37.who was first governor of RBI?
a. obsborne arkall smith
b. C.D deshmukh
c. visvesvaryya
d. none of these
38. First Indian governor of RBI?
a. obsborne arkall smith
b. C.D deshmukh c. visvesvaryya
d. none of these
39.Small industries development bank of india(SIDBI) was established in?
a. 1989
b. 1990
c. 1991
40.national bank of agriculture and rural development (NABARD) was established in?
a. 1982 b. 1985
c. 1986
d. 1987
41. Export-Import bank of india(EXIM) was established in?
a. 1982
c. 1984
d. 1985
42. Industrial bank od india(IDBI) was established in?
a. 1961
b. 1962
c. 1963
d. 1964
43. Largest number of regional rural banks(RRB’s) are in which state?
a. Maharashtra
b. kerala c. UP
d. Jharkhand
44. First regional rural bank(partham grameen bank) was established in 1975 at ?
a. nashik(maharashtra)
b. jalgaon(maharashtra)
c. Ludhiana(punjab)
d. Moradabad(UP) 45. First regional rural bank of india (pratham grameen bank) was sponsored by
which bank?
a. state bank of india
b. oriental bank of commerce
c. syndicate bank
d. dena bank
46. …………… committee recommended the lead bank scheme in 1969?
a.nariman committee
b. C. rangarajan committee
c. tendulkar committee
d. none of these
47.life insurance corporation was established in?
a. 1954
b. 1955
c. 1956 d. 1957
48.general insurance corporation was established in? a. 1973
b. 1974
c. 1975
d. 1976
49. New pension scheme (NPS) is regulated by?
a. PFRDA(pension fund regulatory and development authority)
b. SEBI(securities and exchange board of india)
c. LIC
d. none of these
50. Insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA) was established in?
a. 1999
b. 2000
c. 2001
d. 2002
51. “ the bills those remain overdue for a period of more than 90 days from the end of particular
quarter” are known as:
a. non performing assets
b. net performing assets
c. selective credit control
d. none of these
52. Housing development finance corporation ltd. (HDFC) was established in?
b. 1976
c. 1977
d. 1978
53.under which amendment act, RBI is empowered to determine CRR for the commercial banks in
the range of 3 % to 15% for the aggregate demands and liabilities?
a. RBI amendment act, 1961
b. RBI amendment act, 1962
c. RBI amendment act, 1963
d. none of these
54.in order to address the complaints and grievances of customers against banks, a forum has been
formed known as………
a. banking ombudsman
b. banking complaints and grievances authority
c. customer satisfaction forum
d. none of these
55. Name the bill issued by RBI to meet the short term requirement of all funds
a. treasury bill
b. money bill
c. monetary bill
d. none of these
56. ………… is used by banks to meet their temporary requirements of cash
a. treasury bill
b. call money
c. commercial paper
d. none of these
57……………..is a popular instrument for financing working capital requirements of company?
a. treasury bill
b. call money
c. commercial paper
d. none of these
58…………..are short term instruments issued by commercial banks and special financial institutions,
which are freely transferable from one party to another.the maturity period of them ranges from 91
days to 1 year?
a. commercial papers
b. cosumer price index
c. certificate of deposit
d. none of these
59. industrial and finance corporation of india (IFCI) Was established in?
a. 1947
b. 1948
c. 1949
d. 1950
60.small industries development bank of india was set up in?
b. 1990
c. 1991
d. 1992
61. ……………was/were set up in 1964 as an investment trust(‘s) with capital of rs. 5 crore subscribed
by rserve bank of india, LIC, state bank of india and other financial institutions?
a. GIC
b. UTI
c. both a & b
d. none of these
62. NABARD was established with paid up capital of rs. Having 50:50 contribution of Indian
government and RBI?
a. 50 crores
b. 100 crores
c. 150 crores
d. 200 crores
63. Which amendment act defines non banking financial company(NBFC) which has its principal
business , the receiving of deposits under any scheme or arrangement and lending in any manner?
a. RBI Amendment act, 1997
b. RBI amendment act, 1998
c. RBI amendment act, 1962
d. RBI amendment act, 1949
64.which committee in 1991 recommended the operation of merchant banks in framework of
deregulated industrial economy?
a. tendulkar committee
b. narsimham committee
c. joshi committee
d. rahul committee
65.the fund established in the form of a trust by a sponser to raise money through one or more
schemes for investing in securities is known as
a. double bond fund
b. mutual fund
c. saving fund
d. regulatory fund
66. Securities and exchange board of india was set up on:
a. 1984
b. 1985
c. 1987
d. 1988
67. What is “plastic money”?
a. money issued by RBI to SEBI
b. ATM’S, smart cards etc.
c. money in form of gold and silver
d. none of these
68. IMF and IBRD are also known as:
a. twin sisters
b. bretten wood twins
c. twin brother banks
d. Alexander twins
69.international development association(IDA) IS an associate institution of world bank
known as………… window of world bank?
a. soft loan
b. hard loan
c. crush loan
d. none of these
70.IDA was established on?
a. 1978
b. 1976
d. 1955
71. International finance corporation(IFC) WAS established on?
a. 1955
b. 1956
c. 1957
d. 1980
72.International monetary fund(IMF) was developed on?
a. 1942
b. 1943
c. 1944
d. 1945
73.all quotas and transactions of IMF are expressed on?
a. SDR(special drawing rights)
b. SDR(special designed rights)
c. MDR(money drawing rights)
d. FDR(funds drawing rights)
74. ANOTHER name of SDR is?
a.paper money
b. plastic money
c. special money
d. paper gold
75.asean development bank(ADB) WAS established in 1966 on recommendations of?
a. IMF
b. World bank
c. economic commission for asia and far east
d. none of these
76.headquarters of IMF and IBRD, ADB are in
a. manila, Washington d.c
b. Washington d.c, manila
c. geneva, manila
d. vieanna, manila
77.which committee made recommendations for consumer service improvements in bank?
a. narsimha committee
b. goiporia committee
c. joshi committee
d. none of these
78. Which committee is related to agriculture credit?
a. r.v gupta committee
b. narsimha committee
c. joshi committee
d. tendulkar committee
79.insurance regulatory and development authority was established in?
a. 1997
b. 1998
c, 1999
d. 2000
80. Which committee is related to credit and flow problems of SSI’s?
a. S.L kapoor committee
b. chandrate committee
c. j.j irani committee
d. joshi committee
81.which committee is related to improvement of insurance sector?
a. malhotra committee
b. tanushree dutta committee
b. sakshi committee
d. yamini committee
82. “BCSBI” stands for?
a. banking codes and standard boards of india
b. board code for standards in branchs
c. board codes for standards in banks
d. none of above
83. As per KYC policy, the list of terrorist organisations is supplied to banks by?
a. government of india
c. IBA
d. RBI
84. Asset reconstruction company is associated with
c. NPA
85. Association of national exchange members of india(ANMI) is a body consisting of?
a. bankers AND SEBI
b. SEBI and IBA
c. brokers operating in national exchange
d. bankers, SEBI, IBA & RBI
86.authorized dealers for foreign exchange transactions are appointed by?
a. RBI
b. individual banks
d. government of india
87. Banking services offered to units setup in special economic zones(SEZ’s) HAVE BEEN
exempted from paying which tax?
a. capital gains tax
b. income tax
c. service tax
d. none of these
88. By “deemed exports” it means
a. supplies of goods and services to units within country which can earn foreign currency
to country
b. exports made by units situated in EPZ areas to out of country
c. exports made by EOU out of country
d. anticipated values of exports
89. Banks should not grant new loans for purpose of minor irrigation in
a. white block
b. grey block
c. dark block
d. all of these
90. Borrower’s ability to meet immediate liabilities is indicated by?
a. current ratio
b. acid test ratio
c. debit equity ratio
d. none of these
91. Capitalization of reserves is carried out by issue of ………to existing shareholders
a. additional shares
b. bonus shares
c. incentives
d. none of these
92. Certificate in respect of an SSI unit is given by?
a. RBI
b. chamber of commerce
c. district industries centre
d. none of these
93. Closed economy is one in which?
a. only export takes place
b. money supply is fully controlled
c. deficit financing takes pace
d. none of these
94. Concept of “service area approach” was recommended by?
a. r.v gupta
b. a.d gorawala
c. p.d ohja committee
d. dr. kalia
95. Deposits under NRE/FNCB accounts are linked to?
a. base rate
d. none of these
96. Electronic fund transfer scheme of RBI has been renamed as?
b. core banking solutions
c. real time gross settlement
d.national electronic fund transfer
97.government policy to raise income by additional taxes and allocation of expenditure is
a.expenditure policy
b. monetary policy
c. income policy
d. fiscal policy
98. Generally, the lead bank in a district is the bank which is
a. having government business
b. having the largest deposits in the districts
c. identified to co-ordinate implementation of district credit plan
d. none of these
99. ISO 14000 deals with?
a. environment management
b. technology management
c. knowledge managent
d. information management
100.mutual funds are required to be registered with?
c. IBA
d. RBI
101. Providing various services related to capital market is called?
a. merchant banking
b. retail banking
c. narrow banking
d. modern banking
102. Blue chip securities refers to?
a. shares of any company
b. shares of companies which are listed at any of stock exchange
c. shares of good companies
d. all of above
103. Settlement risk can be avoided only if?
a. settlements are made on real time basis
b. there is global settlement agency
c. foreign exchange transactions are traded in derivatives
d. all of above
104. SEBI controls
a. capital market
b. money market
c. both a and b
d. none of these
105. The bank which has entered into carbon credit trading advisory services is
a. ICICI bank
b. UCO bank
c. IDBI bank
d. Yes bank
106. The base rate system has replaced BPLR with effect from?
a. may 2010
b. june 2010
c. july 2010
d. august 2010
107. The financial year of RBI starts from?
a. 1st april
b. 1st june
c. 1st july
d. 1st December
108. The largest financial conglomerate of india is?
a. HDFC bank
b. ICICI bank
c. IFCI bank
d. SBI
109. The major shareholders in asset reconstruction company of india ltd.(ARCIL) other than
SBI are?
a.IDBI & canara bank
C. idbi and HDFC
110. THE type of charge created on LIC policy is:
a. pledge
b. hypothecation
c. assignment
d. all of these
111. To revitalize RRB’s , the central government has taken some significant . one of these is
not such a step:
a. made SARFAESI act applicable to RRB’s
b. permitted RRB’s to accept NRI deposits
c. permitted RRB’s for branch expansion
d. RRB’s can undertake insurance business
112. What is “stagflation”?
a. inflation with growth
b. deflation with growth
c. inflations after deflation
d. inflation with depression
113.what is true about “white card”?
a. it is related to companies producing milk products
b. it does not carry on its face, the brand of the issuer
c. it is meant to cover blank money into economy
d. none of the above
114. Which is first bank in india to launch its interactive banking services through dish TV?
a. SBI
d. axis bank
115. Which is first bank in india to produce green power for captive use through wind mills?
c. SBI
d. Axis bank
116. The term “kite flying” in banking refers to as
a. drawing a cheque without providing sufficient funds to meet it
b. drawing and acceptance of a bill of exchange without consideration with a view to
accommodate the other party
c. the practise of paying usance bills before they become due
d. drawing a post dated cheque
117. Hypothecation is?
a. a transaction on conditional sale
b. a legal transaction whereby goods may be made available as security for debt
c. transfer of ownership by the borrower to the lender
d. none of above
118. Which of the following banks enjoys the reputition of being at top in market
capitalization among all private banks?
c. Axis bank
d. Yes bank
119. “dark block” is an area
a. where literacy rate is below 15%
b. where people below poverty line are more than 90%
c. where underground source of water is not available
d. where more than 85% exploitation has taken place on the available underground water
120. Format of cheque is prescribed under
a. negotiable instruments act, 1981
b. banking transactions act
c. banking regulation act, 1949
d. none of these
121. Pillars of BASEL-2ND are
a. minimum capital ratio
b.supervisory review
c. market discipline
d. all of these
122. If a bill of exchange is not drawn for consideration, such a bill is called
a. trade bill
b. accommodation bill
c. clean bill
d. documentary bill
123. PMRY is applicable to
a. rural area
b. agriculture
c. rural and urban areas
d. all over india
124. Subsidy under PMRY is reimbursed to banks by
a. government of india
b. state government
d. RBI
125. The concept of “narrowing banking” was recommended by:
a. khan committee
b. nayak committee
c. sodhani committee
d. tarapore & narsimha committee
126. A self help group may become eligible for bank loan and subsidy
a.after first grading
b. after second grading
c.soon after the registration
d. 6 months after opening of saving bank account
127.an asset will be immediately categorized as loss asset, when realizable value is:
a. more than 15 %
b. less than 10%
c. 10% or more
d. none of these
128.appeal under consumer protection act, 1986 is entertained , if submitted within
a. 90 days of the decision
b. 30 days of the decision
c. there is no provision for any appeal
d. none of the above
129. Ceiling for settlements thorough lok adaltas is
a. 10 lacs
b. 15 lakh
c. 20 lakh
d. 25 lakh
130. The securities and exchange board of india(SEBI), which has been accorded statury
status has its headquartes in?
a. Mumbai
b. Kolkata
c. delhi
d. Chennai
131. The main watchdog of international trade is?
a. IMF
b. world bank
d. IFC
132. Which one of following has largest networks, accounts and annual deposits
C. post office saving bank
d. IOB
133. The interest rate policy is component of?
a. fiscal policy
b. monetary policy
c.trade policy
d. direct control
134. In respect of composite term loans granted to village industries, refinance is obtained
d. RBI
135. J.s Verma committee report related to?
a. strengthening of weak banks
b. corporate governance
c. bank mechanization
d. none of the above
136. “Islamic banking” is a term used for
a. interest free deposits, investment
b. covering banking to muslims
c. covering Islamic nations
d. none of the above
137. What is “NIKKEI”?
a. share price index of Tokyo share market
b. name of Japanese central bank
c. Japanese name of country’s planning commission
d. foreign exchange market of japan
138. NABARD was established on the recommendations of?
a. public accounts committee
b. shivaraman committee
c. narsimham committee
d. khandelwal committee
139. What do we mean by green shoe option?
a. the ways and options adopted by RBI to enhance awareness about environment through
banking sector
b. it is type of carbon credit rights that the nation have to purchase to get the right to emit
c. it gives the underwriter the right to sell investors more share than originally planned
d. global warming of earth eradication through financial reforms brought up by world bank
140. Rural infrastructure development fund is financed by?
a. selected groups of public sector banks
b. ministry of rural development
c. RBI
141. Kisan credit card scheme(KCC) was formulated in year
a. 1996
b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999
142. What is securitisation?
a. a process which convert conventional credit into tradable treasure assets
b. credit receivable of the bank can be converted into bonds i.e pass through certificates
c. these certificates can be traded in the market
d. all of the above
143. Specially developed economic zones (SEZ’s) in india where some of economic laws and
restrictions of the land are relaxed with the purpose of giving incentives are commonly
known as?
a. preferential zones
b. economic corridors
c. industrial parks
d. special economic zones
144. Tne international bank for reconstruction and development is better known as
a.world bank
b. IMF
c. ADB
d. it is known by its name
145. Banks in india can establish offshore banking units in?
a. EPZ
b. SEZ
c. STP
146.regional rural banks are managed by?
b. reserve bank of india
c. sponsoring bank
d. board of respective RRB’s
147. Euro money is official currency of?
c. European union
148.the export-import bank of india(EXIM) IS a public sector financial institution created by
an act of parliament viz:
a. banking regulation act, 1949
b. companies act, 1956
c. export-import bank of india act, 1981
d. the EXIM act, 1948
149. The headquarters of NABARD is situated in?
a. delhi
b. Mumbai
c. lucknow
150. Bank for international settlement(BIS) is headquartered at?
a. manila
b. Chicago
c. basle, Switzerland
d. none of these
151. Yuan is currency of which country?
a. japan
b. china
c. korea
d. Indonesia
152. Treasury bills are sold in india by?
a. reserve bank of india
b. state governments
c. commercial banks
153. The 13th finance commission headed by dr. vijay kelkar covers the period of?
a. 2008-13
c. 2010-15
d. 2011-16
154. Black revolution is associated with?
a. tea plantation
b. coffee plantation
c. rubber plantation
d. printing ink
155. “blue card” denotes?
a. a credit card
b. debit card
c. a proposition by EU to attract highly qualified professionals from other countries
d. none of the above
156. When was the SAARC established?
a. decmber 8, 1983
b. january 1, 1984
c. december 8, 1985
d. January 1, 1985
157.the infrastructure development bank of india has its headquarters on?
b. Mumbai
c. bangluru
d. Kolkata
158. Hundered rupee currency note in india bears the signature of?
a.finance minister of india
b. prime minister
c.president of india
d. governor of RBI
159. Khandelwal committee relates to study of ………..issues in public sector bank
a.capital adequacy ratio
b. human resources
c. branch expansion
d.foreign exchange
160. Largest bank of world in matter of branch offices
a. banks of America NT &SA
b. state bank of india
c. Barclays bank
d. citi bank
161. “hot money” means
a. money earned through illegal transactions
b. money earned through speculative transactions
c. money used to hoard scarce commodities
d. short term capital movements from one country to another seeking safety through or,
less often , higher rate of interest
162. When was currency system in india converted into decimal system?
a. 1st april, 1957
b. 1st april, 1959
c. 1st april,1961
d. 1st april, 1964
163. The definition of first priority sector was first formalised in 1972 by
a.planning commission
b. national development council
c.reserve bank of india
d. ministry of finance
164. Largest number of commercial bank offices are located in?
a. Karnataka
b. Maharashtra
c. Jharkhand
d. UP
165. Dalal street is in?
a. Kolkata- famous for jute market
b. Mumbai- famous for stock exchange market
c. delhi- famous for kabari(waste goods) market
d. banglore- famous for race course
166. MICR is used in………….industry
a. banking
b. hospitality
c. tourism
d. none of these
167. Kisan credit card can be used for financing of?
a. production needs
b. consumption needs
c. both A and B
d. none of these
168. Which is not e banking software?
a. ECS
b. IBR
169. The concept of “carbon credit” is associated with?
a. lending to mineral exploring companies
b. development of coal mines and mining sector
c. protection of environment
d. development of uranium
170. Which of following organisation release “world economic outlook report”?
a.world bank
b. IMF
d. WTO
171. The Nippon ginko is the centeral bank of?
a. south korea
b. japan
c. china
d. Taiwan
172. The punchline “feel the difference” is associated with?
a.DCB bank
b.deutsche bank
b.YES bank
d. Citi bank
173.credit card related grievances can be reffered to
a. customer forum
b. ombudsman
c.lok adalat
d. none of these
174. World investment report is annually published by?
b. WTO
c. IMF
175.which of following states showed fastest growth in expanding micro finance business in
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Maharashtra
d. Karnataka
176. Govt. of india does not provide any direct financial assistance to which of the following
a. mahatama Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme
b.rural health mission
c. indira awas yojana
d.jeevan sathi yojana
177. Who is author of the book “india and global financial crisis: managing money and
a. bimal jain
b. C. rangarajan
c. manmohan singh
d. Y.V Reddy
178. Which of following is considered as financial capital of india
a. delhi
b. ahmedabad
c. Kolkata
d. none of these
179. A new foreign bank Sarasin & co. has launched its operations in india. This is bank based
a. USA
b. Switzerland
c. france
d. none of these
180. Whenever RBI does some open market operation transaction, actually it wishes to
regulate which of following?
a. inflation only
b. liquidity in economy
c. borrowing powers of the banks
d. flows of foreign direct investments
181. Which committee has given its recommendations on “financial inclusion”?
a. rakesh mohan committee
b. rangarajan committee
c. sinha committee
d. none of these
182. Which of the following bank has taken over centurian bank of Punjab?
d. Axis
183. Many a time we read in newspapers that RBI has changed or revised a particular
rate/ratio by a few basis point.what is basis point?
a. ten percent of one hundredth point
b.one hundredth of 1%
c. one hundredth of 10%
d. one hundredth of 1000
184. “currency swap” is an instrument to manage
a. currency risk
b.interest rate risk
c.currency and interest rate risk
d. cash flows in different currency
185. Euro bond is an instrument
a. issued in European market
b. issued in euro currency
c. issued in the country other than country of currency of bond
d. all of the above
186. Which of following programme the govt. of india has launched to develop
comprehensive rural infrastructure in country?
a. bharat nirman
b. indra awas yojana
c. watershed development programme
d. none of these
187. Which of the following schemes was launched to promote exports of agricultural
produce and their value added products in india?
a. vishesh krishia aur gram udyog yojana
b. financial inclusion scheme
c. rashtriya krishi vikas yojana
d. none of these
188. Many a time we read in newspapers about systematic investment palns(SIP’s). SIP’s are
an investment option also operated in the mode of?
a. mutual funds
b. small savings scheme in post office
c. national pension fund
d. national pension savings
189. Grameen bank and micro credit are associated with
a. manmohan singh
b. bill gates
c. Muhammad yunus
d.aung san su ki
190. Which of the following is not a social development scheme?
a. indira awas yojana
b. mid day meal scheme
c.bharat nirman yojana
d. sarva shiksha abhayan
191. The food and agriculture organisation(FAO) is a wing/agency of?
a. world bank
b. UNO
c. assean development bank
d. ministry of agriculture, govt. of india
192. Federal reserves is the central bank of?
a. Britain
b. USA
d. Canada
193.which of following is not a measure of risk management in banks?
a. CRR
c. SLR
d. deposit insurance
194. Which of the following org./agency has established a fund known as “investor
protection fund”?
c.bombay stock exchange
195. Commission for agriculture costs and prices(CACP) recommends
a. comfort price
b. state advised price
c. minimum support price
d. minimum export price
196. Which among the following is major qualitative control measure in india?
a. bank rate policy
b. open market operations
c. reserve ratio requirements
d. margin requirements
197. “ the service area approach” was a strategy launched to improve which of following?
a. micro, small and medium enterprises
b. unorganised sector
c. rural lending
d. urban industrial lending
198. High power money is produced by?
a. commercial banks
b. co-operative banks
c. ministry of finance
d. reserve bank of india
199. Which of following act has been replaced by enactment of FEMA in 1999?
b. Indian copyright act
c. Indian patent act
d. both b and c
200. VAT is imposed on?
a. directly on consumer
b. on all stages between production and final stage
c. on first stage of production
d. on final stage of production
201. Which of following committees recommended the revival of cooperative credit
institutions in states?
a. vaidayanath committee
b. rangarajan committee
c. sanchar committee
d. none of these
202. What is “hawala”?
a. illegal transactions of foreign exchange
b. full details of subject
c. illegal trading of shares
d. tax evasion
203. The unit banking system is very popular in?
a. England
b. japan
c. india
d. USA
204. Grasham’s law relates to?
a. money supply
b. money and prices
c. real output
d. employment
205. The logo of “bank of baroda” is known as
a. sun of bank of baroda
b.baroda sun
c. bank of baroda’s rays
d. sunlight of bank of baroda
206.pradhan mantra gram sadak yojana was launched in?
a. 1999
b. 2000
c. 2001
d. 2002
207. Which city of india is famous for production of cigars?
a. trichy
b. Ludhiana
c. dhanbad
d. Kolkata
208.the one rupee note bears the signature of?
a. secretary, ministry of finance
b. governor, RBI
c. finance minister
d. none of these
209. India’s maximum forign exchange is spent on?
a. imports of foodgrains
b. imports of iron and steel
c. import of petroleum products
d. import of technical know-how
210. India earns maximum forex through export of?
a. leather goods
b. handicrafts
c. electronic goods
d. engineering goods
211. The largest expenditure being incurred from combined revenue expenditure of centre,
states and union territories is on?
a. health
b. education
c. interest payments
d. defence services
212. Rupee coin was first minted in india during the rule of?
a. shahjahan
b. sher shah suri
c. east india company
d. razia sultana
213. The rupee coin was first minted in?
a. 1542
b. 1601
c. 1809
214. Paper currency first started in india in?
a. 1862
b. 1542
c. 1601
d. 1680
215. Whose signature appears on ten rupee currency note?
a. minster of finance
b. RBI governor
c. secretary, ministry of finance
d. none of these
216. Which of following commodities earn maximum foreign exchange for india?
a. jute
b. iron and steel
c. tea
d. sugar
217. The commodity for which india spends the largest amount to import is?
a. iron and steel
b. foodgrains
c. crude petroleum
d. fertilizers
218. An ad-valorem duty is tax basis
a. price of commodity
b. value added
c. advertisement expenses
d. unit of commodity
219. Indian currency was last demonetized in?
a. 1951
b. 1955
c. 1960
d. 1978
220. The first devaluation of Indian currency took place in?
a. 1947
b. 1950
c. 1951
d. 1949
221. Indian currency was last devalued in?
a. 1955
b. 1956
c. 1991
d. 1951
222. The new bank of india was merged on 1993 with?
a. state bank
b. Punjab national bank
c. central bank
d. state bank of Patiala
223. A firm is said to be of optimum size when?
a. average total cost is at minimum
b. marginal cost is at minimum
c. marginal cost is equal to marginal revenue
d. the firm is maximizing its profit
224. The slope of an indifference curve represents the?
a. elasticity of demand is good
b. marginal rate of substitution between two goods
c. ratio of prices of two goods
d. postion of consumer equilibrium
225. The elasticity of a straight line demand curve
a. may have varying values along its length
b. must be equal to zero
c. must be equal to infinity
d. must be equal to one
226. If the elasticity of demand for good is equal to (-) 2% then a 1% rise will
a. raise quantity demanded by 2%
b. raise total revenue by 1%
c. lower the quantity demanded by 2%
d. lower the quantity demanded by 1%
227. An indifference curve for an individual consumer represents graphically?
a. the quantities of one good which are equal to quantities of another good
b. the way in which consumer spends his income on two goods
c. the possible combination of two goods which he can buy with income
d. combination of two goods which have the same marginal utility
228. Of the gross tax revenue of the union government, the indirect taxes accounts for only?
a. 70%
b. 75%
c. 65%
d. 60%
229. For most of consumers, milk and tea are substitute goods . therefore we should expect
a rise in price of milk to lead to?
a. a rightward shift in the demand for the other commodity
b. a leftward shift in the supply curve of tea
c. a fall in price of tea
d. an upward shift in demand curve for tea
230.if the marginal propensity to save of the rich is greater than that of poor, then a
redistribution of income from poor to rich will raise?
a. the average propensity to consume
b. consumption out of given income
c. saving out of given income
d. neither consumption nor saving out of given income
231.when was india’s first human development report(HDR) Published?
a. june 2000
b. april 2002
c. may 2001
d. may 2007
232. “Adhaar” number is of how may digits?
a. 11
b. 10
c. 12
d. 18
233. Who is main head or president of island development authority?
a. president of india
b. prime minister
c. home minister
d. minister of rural development
234. Which of following is odd one out?
235. When was SAIL established?
a. 1974
b. 1984
c. 1990
d. 1954
236. Where are the headquarters of council for advancement of people’s action and rural
a. Mumbai
b. Kolkata
c. new delhi
d. nashik
237. The layout of second five year plan was based on the model of?
a. b.n gadgil
b. p.c mahalanobis
c. v.k.r.v roy
d. none of these
238. The establishment year of “india brand equity fund” is?
a. 1996
b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999
239. When was the formal announcement of establishment of “Indian ocean rim association
for regional corporation” was announced?
a. 5 march, 1996
b. 5 march, 1997
c. 1 april, 1998
d. 15 august, 1947
240. During the time period of which five year plan, slogan of “garibi hatao” was made?
a. ninth
b. fifth
c. fourth
d. second
241. According to 2011 census, which of the following state is below than average literacy
rate of india?
a. Maharashtra
b. Gujarat
c. odisha
d. Bengal
242. Which of the following country is not a member of “BIMSTEC”?
a. Pakistan
b. india
c. Bangladesh
d. shri lanka
243. which of the following state is ahead than others from industrial point of view?
a. west Bengal
b. odisha
c. Maharashtra
d. Madhya Pradesh
244. Who many nations are the members of BIMSTEC?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 8
d. 10
245. Largest producer of mineral oil is?
a. Saudi arab
b. Russia
c. USA
d. Ecuador
246. Which five year plan is also known as “rolling plan”?
a. 3rd
b. 4th
c. 6th
d. 7th
247.which of the following country has highest production of wheat ?
a. india
b. china
c. USA
d. Switzerland
248. The first EPZ was established in?
a. kerala
b. Vishakhapatnam
c. noida
d. soorat
249. Which of following is related to “blue revolution”?
a. fish
b. pottery
c. cotton
d. coffee
250 “dhoom machade, rang jamade” is punch line of which company?
a. coca cola
b. pepsi
c. paan parag
d. thums up
251.who is first woman deputy secretary general of untied nations?
a. sharmila tagore
b. shamshad akhtar
c. girija vyas
d. asha rose migiro
252. Author of book “a call to honor: in the service of emergent india”?
a. khushwant singh
b. jaswant singh
c. amartya sen
d. rafiq zakaria
253. Mention the writer of “anand matha”?
a. harindra nath chattopadhyaya
b. bankim chnadra chatterjee
c. rabindra nath tagore
d. mulk raj anand
254. Noble prize for economics for 2011 has been conferred on?
a. Thomas j sergent
b. Christopher a. sims
c. Christopher a. pissarides
d. both a and b
255. The 4th BRICS summit of 2012 held in?
a. new delhi
b. Havana
c. Tehran
d. Durban
256. Competition (amendment) bill, 2007 has replaceda. VAT
c. securities contracts(regulation) bill 2005
d. electricity act, 2003
257. “priyadarshini” project is related to?
a. empowerment of rural women
b. survival of girl child
c. free education to all girls
d. none of these
258. “mid day meal” scheme was started in the year?
a. 1998
b. 1997
c. 1996
d. 1995
259. The duration of present five year foreign trade policy of government of india?
a. 2011-2016
b. 2009-2014
c. 2010-2015
d. 2008-2013
260. “pratibha kiran yojana” is a new scheme to promote higher education in girls
introduced by?
a. karnatka
b. Jharkhand
c. uttrakhand
d. Madhya Pradesh
261. “laadli laxmi yojana” has been launched by ………. Government for supporting girls of all
religion and caste upto their marriage
a. rajsthan
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Jharkhand
d. Gujarat
262. Videsh sanchar nigam ltd. Has been renamed as?
a. reliance sanchar nigam ltd.
b. tata sanchar nigam ltd.
c. tata communications ltd.
d. bharti communications ltd.
263. The most densely populated country in south asia is?
a. Bangladesh
b. india
c. Maldives
d. sri lanka
264. Revenue deficit as a percent of GDP in budget 2012-13 was estimated at?
a. 1.0%
b. 5.3%
c. 4.4%
d. 3.4%
265. “aam aadmi bima yojana” is social security scheme for rural landless households is
implemented by the noddle agency?
a. national insurance co.
b. state government
c. UTI
d. LIC
266. In national mineral policy(1993), which mineral was allowed for having investment from
private sector?
a. coal
b. iron
c. gold
d. platinum
267. Minimum support price is recommended by?
b. state government
c. ministry of agriculture
268. Which state possess the maximum percentage of SC population?
a. up
b. M.P
c. kerala
d. Punjab
269. Which percentage of net central taxes have been recommended by the 13th finance
commission to be transferred to states?
a. 28.5%
b. 29.5%
c. 32%
d. 30.5%
270. The newly appointed person as chairman of CBEC is?
a. S.Sridhar
b. S.K goyal
c. rajiv chandrashekhar
d. venugopal dhoot
271. Kutir jyoti scheme is associated with?
a. promoting cottage industry in villages
b. promoting employment among rural unemployed youth
c. providing electricity to rural families living below the poverty line
d. all of these
272. Novelis has been acquired and merged with
a. tata steels
d. jindal steels
273. OTCEI is?
a. atomic submarine of china
b. economic policy of USA
c. an indian share market
d. a defence research organisation
274. Which is the first export processing zone declared as free trade zone in india?
a. kandla
b. noida
c. santacruz
d. falta
275. Which day has been declared as “balika diwas” by the ministry of women and child
a. april 5
b. july 9
c. October 9
d. December 9
276. For total subsidy, allocation in union budget 2012-13 is about?
a. 160000 crore
b. 120000 crore
c. 110000 crore
d. 190015 crore
277.rural women can avail the benefit of mahila samriddhi yojana if they open their account
a. rural post offices
b. commercial banks
c. rural development bank
d. any of these
278. Which committee recommended tax on agriculture holdings?
a. bhootlingam committee
b. wanchoo committee
c. raj committee
d. none of these
279. Ministry of HRD has announced to hike FDI limit in education to?
a. 65%
b. 70%
c. 75%
d. 100%
280. “ pure banking, nothing else” is a slogan raised by?
a. ICICI bnak
b. HDFC bank
c. SBI bank
d. UTI bank
281. As per 2012-13 union budget, service tax rate is?
a. 8%
b. 15%
c. 10%
d. 12%
282. Indian state having lowest infant mortality rate?
a. Maharashtra
b. goa
c. Gujarat
d. kerala
283. Which of following has maximum share in GSM mobile phone service market?
a. Vodafone
b. airtel
d. reliance
284. Economic planning is in?
a. union list
b. state list
c. concurrent list
d. not any specified list
285. Poverty data in india is measured on which of the following basis?
a. universal recall period
b. mixed recall period
c. both a and b
d. none of these
286. Oil refinery at bhatinda is established by?
a. IOC
c. reliance
287. Which panel was appointed by finance ministry to review the service tax issues?
a. abhijit sen panel
b. ahluwalia panel
c. rastogi panel
d. rangarajan panel
288. Namestey india 2007 was a mahotsav held to strength the socio-economic relation
between india and
a. Ecuador
b. Puerto rico
c. Dominican republic
d. japan
289. IMF has raised the quota and voting share of india which places india at……..place
among 185 members of the organisation?
a. 10th
b. 11th
c. 12th
d. 13th
290. In 2012-13 budget proposals, maximum revenue collection is proposed from?
a. service tax
b. income tax
c. excise duty
d. corporation tax
291. Which of following is not a component of human development index?
a. life expectancy
b. adult literacy
c. infant mortality rate
d. number of people living below poverty line
292. To which community/org. maximum goods are exported from india?
a. EEC
b. commonwealth nation
293. According to 2011 census, during 2010-11 the lowest(-ve) population growth was
founded in?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Manipur
c. rajasthan
d. Nagaland
294. First noble prize in economics was given to?
a. Milton friedman
b. ragnar frish and joan timbugen
c. Thomas C. schillings
d. finn kydland
295. On the basis of global peace index, which country tops the list of most peaceful country
in the world
a. Norway
b. india
c. Ecuador
d. Puerto rico
296.which Indian plan ensured high growth rate as compared with target growth?
a. 2nd
b. 3rd
c. 5th
d. 8th
297. Which committee was constituted for reforms in tax structure?
a. narsimham committee
b. chelliah committee
c. gadgil committee
d. kelkar committee
298. KVIC(khadi and village industry commission) was established during?
a. 3rd plan
b. 2nd plan
c. 5th plan
d. 4th paln
299. The country producing maximum silk in the world is?
a. india
b. japan
c. south korea
d. china
300. The minimum support price of wheat(per qt.) for marketing year 2012-13 was declared
to be?
a. 1250
b. 1080
c. 1100
d. 1285
301. According to 2011 census, which state has maximum slum population?
a. UP
b. MP
c. maharshtra
d. Jharkhand
302. National rural development institute is situated at?
a. shimla
b. Hyderabad
c. patna
d. new delhi
303. Nirmal gram pursakar is associated with?
a. rural drinking water
b. enlarging forests
c. elementary education
d. total sanitation campaign
304. The first garib-rath has been flaged between?
a. delhi-patna
b. delhi-chennai
c. delhi-mumbai
d. Amritsar-sarsa
305. Which of folloeing is not member of EEC?
a. Poland
b. germany
c. Italy
d. U.K
306. What is “super-301”?
a. a name of modern computer
b. a new variety of rice
c. American trade law
d. Ecuador trade law
307. Which day is celebrated as “national excise duty day”?
a. 26th January
b. 24th February
c. 14th april
d. 10th june
308. Lahiri committee is associated with?
a. industrial sickness
b. minimum support price of agriculture products
c. price structure of edible oil
d. handicraft exports
309. IRDA constituted a committee for studying various aspects related to health insurance
of senior citizens under the chairmenship of?
a. r. chidambram
b. v. kishore singh deo
c. k.s shastri
d. abhijit sinha
310.how many zones are there in Indian railways at present?
a. 16
b. 17
c. 18
d. 19
311. Which sector got high rate of growth in its cooperative units?
a. sugar
b. cotton textile
c. jute
d. cement
312. The first fully literate district outside the kerala state is?
a. wardhman(west bengal)
b. chinelpattu(tamil nadu)
c. nashik(maharashtra)
d. merkata(karnataka)
313. Tax information network(TIN), started in January 2004 is associated with?
a. sales tax
b. excise duty
c. income tax
d. corporation tax
314. Indravati hydroelectric project is multipurpose project of?
a. Maharashtra
b. Gujarat
c. Jharkhand
d. odisha
315. Primary deficit is measured by fiscal deficit less
a. revenue deficit
b. public debt
c. interest payment
d. depreciation
316. Which of following committee is related to infrastructure financing?
a. Deepak parekh committee
b. t. Shankar committee
c. t.s vijayan
d. o.p garg
317. National stock exchange has introduced a new share index in place of NSE-100 in april
1996. It is known as
a. NSE-200
318. Who has been the chairman of newly constituted UIDAI?
a. rahul khullar
b. nirupama rao
c. nandan nilekani
d. d subba rao
319. Which state has not yet established any RRB?
a. sikkam and goa
b. bihar and rajasthan
c. sikkam and arunachal Pradesh
d. Nagaland
320. “canfina” is associated with?
a. canara bank
b. SBI
c. national housing bank
d. standard chartered bank
321. Operation flood programme was introduced in?
a. 1951
c. 1975
d. 1985
322. Health insurance business is associated with?
a. LIC
b. UTI
c. GIC
d. state trading corporation
323. Which day has been decided to celebrate as income tax day
a. july 21
b. july 22
c. july 23
d. july 24
324. DWCRA was merged with?
a. JRY
325. In which state “kanya vidyadhan yojana” is operational?
a. UP
b. MP
c. Rajasthan
d. Haryana
326. Which rank india attains in tobacco production?
b. 2nd
c. 4th
d. 6th
327.”food for work programme” is renamed as?
d. MNP
328. SITTDEC-“south investment trade and technology data exchange centre” is a scheme
c. G-7
d. G-15(correction)
329.which fertilizer is mostly consumed in india?
a. N
b. P
c. K
d. all are used in equal ratio
330. Indian banks have maximum foreign branches in?
a. Bangladesh
b. U.K
c. USA
d. sri lanka
331. “golden handshake scheme” is associated with?
a. inviting foreign companies
b. private investment in public enterprises
c. establishing joint enterprises
d. voluntary retirement
332. Sunderrajan committee was related to?
a. petroleum
b. energy
c. communication
d. air transport
333. As per Indian state of forest report 2011, the state having maximum forest area is?
a. rajasthan
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. arunachal Pradesh
d. uttar Pradesh
334. Who is chairman of “ASSOCHAM”?
a. pramod dev
b. raj kumar dhut
c. jagdish kapoor
d. kamlesh verma
335. What is CRR minimum limit for a commercial bank to be deposited with RBI?
a. 3%
b. 10%
c. 5%
d. 6%
336. TRIPS “trade related intellectual property rights” and TRIMS “trade related investment
measures” are associated with?
a. preston proposal
b. dunkel proposal
c.chelliah committee
d. none of these
337. As a result of green revolution, which foodgrains had a reduced percentage in total
foodgrains production?
a. wheat
b. rice
c. cereals and pulses
d. none of these
338. Which city is known as ‘electronic city”?
a. gurgaon
b. banglore
c. jaipur
d. salem(tamil nadu)
339. Which bank in india became the first bank to open its branch in china?
a. IDBI bank
c. state bank of india
d. Punjab national bank
340. Which of following is not helpful in controlling money supply?
a. free market policy
b. CRR
c. bank rate
d. change in margin requirement
341.india state of forest report 2011 puts forest area in the country at:
a. above 30%
b. between 27% to 30%
c. below 25%
d. between 30 % to 35%
342. CONCORD of 8 states of northern region is a scheme of?
c. CII
d. a joint scheme of all of the above
343. Which scheme is not related with rural development?
b. JRY
d. CRY
344. What portion of earth in india is covered with forests?
a. 1/5
b. 1/4
c. 1/3
d. 2/5
345. ECOMARC is a symbol related to?
a. export goods
b. import goods
c. goods safe for environment
d. best quality
346. Income tax in india was introduced by?
a. sir Charles wood
b. lord macaule
c. james Wilson
d. William jones
347. Durgapur steel plant was constructed with assistance given by
b. france
c. USA
d. germany
348. India and Bangladesh has made an agreement to run train between two countries
a. sialdah and Dhaka
b. sialdah and jaidevpur
c. Kolkata and Dhaka
d. Kolkata and jaidevpur
349. “planning and the poor” book is written by:
a. david Ricardo
b. b.s minhas
c. gunner Myrdal
d. none of these
350. Name the only miss india universe , which was honoured by government of Jharkhand
with collaboration of Indian post by releasing post cards and stamps featuring her?
a. vanya mishra
b. priyanka chopra
c. sushmita sen
d. tanushree dutta