Options for Organizing Philanthropy


EBCF Philanthropic Services

Presented to EPC Diablo Valley

Nicole Taylor, President & CEO

November 16, 2011

Community Foundation Legacy

In 2012, will celebrate 100 years of community trusts/foundations in US

EBCF is the oldest California community foundation founded in 1928

Primary role is to strengthen communities via grant making AND working with constituents in providing philanthropic advice and services.

Bay Area has 4 large and 6-8 smaller CFs and they do overlap their service areas

Most CFs have a variety of fund types


EBCF Development/Philanthropic Services

We group our clients into a few scenarios:

Wealth Incident / Healthy Business

Planned Gifts / Testamentary Funds

Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy

We offer several ways to organize philanthropy:

Supporting Organizations

Donor Advised Funds, B of A Merrill Lynch DAFs

Field of Interest Funds

Agency Funds


Wealth Incident / Healthy Business

Types of Events

Selling a business

Appreciated stock

Business success leading to entre into philanthropy

Tax planning

Inheriting wealth


Planned Gifts / Testamentary Funds

Long term tax planning (CRT, CLT, bequests, …)

Documentation of donor intent; with or without successor advisors

Initial contribution to set-up; small change fee in future if interests change

Perpetual or term charitable endowments

Beneficiary of trusts

Unrestricted gifts to support the work of EBCF


Multi-Generational Family Philanthropy

Vision and values facilitation

Giving framework

Formal giving plan

Succession planning for family philanthropy

Measuring success and impact


Options for Organizing Philanthropy

Supporting Organizations

$5MM minimum

Incorporated nonprofit with a board of directors

Supports EBCF mission


$10,000 minimum to open

Broad or specific purpose, common entry to philanthropy

Specific services for corporate/business clients


Collaboration with BAML and Community Foundations nationwide

$25,000 minimum to open


Options for Organizing Philanthropy (con’t)

Field of Interest (FOI) Funds

Multiple donors supporting defined cause

Managed by community foundation staff


Asset Building Fund

– Supports financial skill building for families in our foreclosure pilot program

East Bay Fund for Artists - Supports commissioning of new performance art by local artists

Agency Fund

Usually endowment building for nonprofits


Private Foundation Services

Philanthropic Advice and Services

Expertise establishing grantmaking programs, identifying effective nonprofits, evaluating impact

Proposal-based projects

Leverage DAFs for 5% payout requirement

Leverage FOI funds/collaborations - network with other foundations, education on key community issues



For More Information www.eastbaycf.org

Giles Miller, Director of Development [email protected]

(510) 836-3223