Vocabulary: 1. note: symbol telling how high and how long 2. pitch

1. note: symbol telling how high and how long
2. pitch: frequency
3. melody: song framework
4. harmony: melody decoration, two or more pitches played simultaneously
5. rhythm: notes of different value
6. staff: five horizontal lines
7. clef: pitch landmark
8. bar lines, used to separate measures
9. measure, space between bar lines
10.stem, vertical line attached to not head
11.head, oval body of a note
12. flag, curved line attached to note stem
13. beam, used in place of two or more flags
14. treble clef, begins on G
15. bass clef, begins on F
16. whole, note head only has 4 counts
17. half, note head and stem two counts
18. quarter, filled in head and stem
19. eighth, filled in head and stem and flag
20. sixteenth, filled in head and stem, two flags or beams
21. tie, notes of same pitch played once, sounded as two
22. triplet, three to one beat
23. dot, adds half value
24. duple, in two
25. triple, in three
26. simple, 2,3,4
27. compound, 6,9,12
28. slur, connects notes of different pitch
29. grand staff, Bass and Treble cleffs joined with a BRACKET
30. bracket, left of staffs forms Grand staff
31. timbre, tone color
32. lute, guitar like Renaissance instrument
33. recorder, wooden flute p[layed vertically
34. guitar, stringed instrument with resonator box
35. polyphonic/ linear, many sounds, of the line
36. cadence, ending
37. organ, king of instruments makes sound by blowing air over pipes
38. harp, stringed instrument with fixed pitches
39. requiem, funeral mass
40. andante, walking tempo
41. movement, part of a bigger selection such as a suite or symphony
42. brass family, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, euphonium
43. plucked strings family, harp, guitar, harpsichord, lute banjo, mandolin
44. bowed strings family, violin, viola, cello, double bass
45. woodwind family, clarinet, flute, double reeds, saxophones,
46. double reeds, oboe, English horn, bassoon
47. flute family, soprano, alto, baritone and bass flute
48. tuned percussion, Xylophone, marimba, bells, chimes, glockenspiel, vibraphone, celesta, tympani
49. untuned percussion, snare, tenor, bass drums. Cymbals, triangle etc
50. transposing, changing keys or playing a note that sounds different than the written pitch
51. dynamics: symbols for moving , changing or shaping music
52. concerto: sort of contest between orchestra and soloist
53. sonata, song form
54. madrigal: renaissance secular choral
55. motet: renaissance sacred choral
56. chanson, French madrigal form
57. chant: simple unemotional vocal style
58. beat: simplest unit of musical time
59. tempo: beats per minute
60. Rubato: robbed time