Character Recipe

Character Recipe
Objective: Demonstrate your understanding of a character by “creating” them in a recipe form.
Imagine that you were to cook up that character. I am asking you to record what comprises that
Preparation Tips:
1. Select a character from the literary work you are currently devouring.
2. List character traits and descriptions as they appear in the play.
3. Determine and list events or forces that they believe helped shape the character.
4. Look at a few recipes from magazines to see how they are written.
Create a recipe that the author might have used to develop the character they have selected. Baste
themselves in creative juices every so often.
Stir. Add ingredients. Check to make sure preparation instructions are clear and in logical order.
Check spelling, abbreviations for measurements, and the preparation in instructions are delivered
using imperative sentences (if you don’t know what one is, find out!).
Pearl Prynne Pie (The Scarlet Letter)
2 cups Beauty
4 tablespoons Scandal
3 teaspoons Mystery
½ cup Regret
4 pints Scorn (use “Boston” brand)
5 drops Scarlet food coloring
Gather all ingredients. Start Beauty and mix Scandal deep into the middle of it. Beat until
mixed. Heat the 3 teaspoons of Mystery until it comes to a boil. Pour into mixture. Next add ½
cup of regret (mix until all clumps are smooth). Then the Scorn is stirred throughout. Bake for
nine months. Make sure to set the oven at zero degrees for no added warmth. Then add the
attention-grabbing Scarlet coloring. Result: one disgraced baby girl.
Preparation Time: 9 months
Serves: 1 Mother
Romeo Ratatouille
2 tablespoons Romanticism
3 cloves of Sensitivity
2 teaspoons dried Lustfulness
3 cups Impulsiveness
1 cup grated Eloquence
2 cups chopped Rashness
1 large piece of Stubbornness
Sprinkle of Fate and Stars
Start with Romanticism and cloves of Sensitivity add the Lustfulness and mix thoroughly.
Quickly fold in 3 cups of Impulsiveness adding the Eloquence slowly. Blend with the chopped
Rashness and Stubbornness. Finally, sprinkle in Fate and Stars. Add more if individual
responsibility shows up.
Place in hot and humid Verona oven. Boil until mixture is Mercutio red. Continue to simmer
until Tybalt yellow. Serve with a bit of Apothecary sauce.
Preparation Time: Five Days
Serves: One Star-Crossed Lover.
Chart of Characters
Directions: While reading the play, chart the information below for the characters. This
information will be used to help you create your Character Recipes.
Reverend Parris
Elizabeth (Betty)
Abigail Williams
John Proctor
Elizabeth Proctor
Character Traits
Events that
shaped the
Susanna Walcott
Mrs. Ann
Thomas Putnam
Mercy Lewis
Mary Warren
Rebecca Nurse
Giles Cory
Reverend John
Francis Nurse
Ezekiel Cheever
Marshal Herrick
Judge Hathorne
Martha Corey
Deputy Governor
Girls of Salem
Sarah Good
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