AntiTrust Movie Questions.FranciscoT

Movie Notes:
Hopefully, these questions will help you take good notes that you will need when you write the report
on Friday.
Movie: Anti-trust
What was the job of the main character? What was he good at?
His job is to write a program for Synapse .He is good at programming.
What was the name of the company that hired him? What was he doing before he got the job?
What did this company claim it could do for society? What type of technology was used to try
to achieve their goals?
Easier way to communicate with one another
How was the company (and owner) getting what they needed to meet their goals (name some
methods that were used)?
They were stealing them from other programmers: they use to spy on people.
What really was the underlying goal of the company and was it legal or ethical?
Their goal is to control the world.
What people did the main character have in his life that were against him and what were some
of the things they did?
His girlfriend was a fake and Bryan is a fake friend.
Who were the people that helped the main character and what did they do to help him?
Lisa and Larry help out Milo, to tell everyone what N.U.R.V is really about.
Do you feel that this type of technology is possible? If so, how?
I don’t believe that this is possible.
Bonus question: list 2 different IP addresses that were used.
Antitrust Report
The movie was basically about two teen graduates that were best friends. Milo and Terry wanted
to start their own company. But then the N.U.R.V. wanted Terry and Milo to work for them. Only Milo
went to go check out the company. He accepted to work for the company as a programmer. Terry was
going start on his own company. Terry was disappointed in Milo because they were suppose to start a
company together. Milo met Gary the person that ran the company and wanted Milo to be one step
ahead of all the programmers that worked in their own garage. Gary wanted to crank out a final code
that would make N.U.R.V. the only company for communications. Terry had cranked out the code and
he was going show it to his friends the following day, but he was killed the night before by employees
that worked for the N.U.R.V. Company. Gary was spying on Terry by cameras so that when Terry got the
code they would kill him and steal it. Milo found out about Terry’s death and he was mad and sad. Milo
later found out that N.U.R.V. Company would spy on every programmer so they wouldn’t put the
company out of business. Milo wanted to make sure of what he was thinking, so he sneaked in the night
and found out that everything was true. Gary had cameras on every programmer, so they wouldn’t put
him out of business. Milo wanted everyone the whole world to know so he uses Gary’s own satellites’ to
show everyone the information he found about the company. When everyone find out Police arrest
Gary and his accomplices and N.U.R.V. go out of business. Milo returns with his friends so they would
start their own business.