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The Phantom Tollbooth Chapter 18-20 Test
Answer each question. Please be as specific as possible.
The following questions are worth 2 points each.
1. Nearing ever so closer to the Castle in the Air, Milo and the others arrive at the spiral
stairs. Resting in front of the first step of the stairs was a little man named the Senses
Taker who carried with him a well-worn ledger (a book for recording information).
Describe the Senses Taker (appearance, personality, quirks, traits, etc.). By appealing
to their various senses (as if by spell), the Senses Taker drew Milo’s and the other’s
attention away from rescuing Rhyme and Reason. So much so that they become too
engrossed to notice the demons behind them were drawing closer and closer. What
did Milo do to break off from this “spell”? Explain. (HINT: He used one of his
“gifts”, possibly accidentally.)
2. High above in the Castle in the Air, Milo finally rescues Rhyme and Reason.
Meanwhile, the demons down below are busy axing and sawing the stairway loose
from the castle. Before long, detached from the stairway, the castle drifted slowly off
into the sky. An alarmed Humbug said, “But how will we get down?” What does
Milo say or suggest to get themselves out of this predicament? Explain. (HINT:
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3. At long last Rhyme and Reason has returned to the Kingdom of Wisdom, thanks to
the marvelous efforts from Milo. As promised, both King Azaz and the
Mathemagician reveal the one thing they could not discuss about Milo’s quest until
he returned. What was the one thing they could not tell Milo? Explain why they
could not tell him beforehand.
4. After saying his good-byes, Milo drove his little car back to the tollbooth. He
deposited his coin and returned home safely. The next day after school, Milo was
excited to get back home and play with the tollbooth once more. But to his dismay,
the tollbooth was no longer there, and a bright-blue envelope addressed to him was
found. What did the letter in the envelope say? And how does Milo react or feel
about it? And briefly discuss how Milo has changed as a person after his
extraordinary trip through the Lands Beyond.
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Fill in the Blanks (1 point each):
The giant army led by King Azaz and the Mathemagican was made up of characters that
Milo met along his journey through the Lands Beyond.
Below are some of the characters that came back to help Milo. What are the names of
these characters? Some letters have been filled in for you.
1.) T _ _
2.) D _ .
3.) O _ _ _ _ _ _
4.) C H _ _ _ A
5.) T _ _
Short Answer Questions (1 point each):
1. The Senses Taker can steal your sense of purpose, take your sense of duty, and destroy
your sense of proportion. One thing he cannot take from you is your sense of what?
2. How long (duration) did the parade held for Milo last? _______________________
3. After returning back from the Lands Beyond, how much time has passed in the real
world since he was gone?
4. Who wrote the letter to Milo at the end of the book? ___________________________
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Multiple Choice (1 point):
1. ______ Which of the following is NOT one of the demons in the Mountains of
a. The Overbearing Know-it-all
b. The Shifty Hypocrite
c. The Threadbare Excuse
d. The Triple Demons of Compromise
e. The Horrible Hopping Hindsight
f. The Gorgons of Hate and Malice
g. The Gross Exaggeration
h. The ugly Dilemma
EXTRA CREDIT: (1 point each)
The following are quotes from the story. On the line that follows each quote, write the
name of the character who said it.
1. “. . . when a housefly flaps his wings, a breeze goes round the world; when a speck of
dust falls to the ground, the entire planet weighs a little more . . . And it’s much the
same with knowledge, for whenever you learn something new, the whole world
becomes that much richer.”