Civics – Chapter 20 Test Study Guide Combine Notes From Class

Civics – Chapter 20 Test Study Guide
Combine Notes From Class and Textbook…. ALWAYSSS
Part I: ID & Sig. = Identification & Significance
Types of Crime
Causes of Crime
Arrest to Pretrial Process
Going to Trial
Correctional Institutions
Proposals for Fighting Crime
Juvenile Court Procedure
Part II: Film analysis:
Use Juvies film study questions and class discussion to prepare for this section.
Describe one of the juvenile cases portrayed in the film that particularly affected you.
What solutions to juvenile delinquency are offered in the film?
What does research show about the differences between juveniles and adults?
Discuss why some juveniles receive different sentences for similar crimes
Discuss the opinions of the experts on juvenile delinquency with regards to the criminal justice
Describe the attitudes and opinions expressed in the interviews with members of public with
regards to juvenile crime and punishment.
Part III: 5 paragraph essay
“Prosecuting children as adults contradicts the widespread belief that young people
need guidance, protection, and rehabilitation. Research on adolescents supports the belief
that teenagers deserve different treatment because they are not yet biologically or socially
To what extent do you agree with this statement? If you agree, describe the kind of guidance,
protection, and rehabilitation that is necessary for a juvenile offender or delinquent. If you do not
agree, defend you point of view with sufficient evidence.