Chapter 9.2 -

Chapter 9.2
Types of Interest Groups
An American Tradition
Interest groups can be founded on the
basis of: economics, geographic interest, a
cause or idea, or certain groups of people
They often share its members
Many people belong to groups that take
conflicting stands on political issues
Groups Based on Economics
Business groups & Trade Associations
– United States Brewers’ Association
– The Chamber of Commerce
– Better Business Bureau
Labor groups (Unions)
– Teamsters
Agricultural groups
– United Farm Workers of America
– American Farm Bureau
Professional groups
– National Education Association
– American Medical Association
Other Groups
Groups that promote causes
– American Civil Liberties Union
– Planned Parenthood
Groups that promote the welfare of other groups
– Veterans of Foreign Wars
Religious Organizations
– The Christian Coalition
– American Jewish Congress
Class Activity: Design a
Propaganda Poster
Design a propaganda poster for an interest group
Groups of 3 – 4 students
– Discussion leader
– Artists
– Spokesperson
Duration: 1 class period
– Develop a list of goals and a statement of the policies for a new interest
group that represents the needs of students
– Design a symbol (or logo) that expresses your group’s goals and values
– Come up with a slogan
– Create a propaganda poster that expresses your group’s interests and
– Must be neat, organized, and colored