Energy Types

Quickwrite #2 (QW 2)
• Why does lightning cause thunder?
Energy Types
What is Energy?
Energy makes matter change (solids, liquids,
gases) or move.
Energy moves cars along the road or boats over
the water
Energy Types
Energy bakes a cake in the oven and keeps ice
frozen in the freezer. It runs radios and I-Pods
that play our favorite songs and lights our homes
in the dark.
Energy Types
Energy makes our bodies grow and allows our
minds to think.
Energy, What is it?
• Definition: Capacity of a system to do work.
• What does capacity mean?
Amount of something contained
• What is a system?
A system consists of parts which work
• What is work? Work is done when a force moves
an object (force x distance)
Energy Types
People have learned how to change energy from
one form to another so that work can be made
easier, and people can live more comfortably.
Energy Types
Forms of Energy:
Energy is found in different forms such as light,
heat, sound, chemical, electrical, and
Potential Energy
Potential energy is in storage just
waiting to be used. Many things
start out having potential energy,
and then once they begin to move,
the energy becomes kinetic.
Kinetic Energy
Energy of motion
Kinetic energy is being used as an object is in
Air heated from lightning to 54,000 degrees
has kinetic energy.
Molecules of water moving in a wave have
kinetic energy.
For Example
• A bow in an arrow gains potential when
you pull back on the string and deform
the bow. When you release the arrow
the potential converts to kinetic energy.
• When the arrow hits the target, the
energy you used to pull the string drives
the arrow into the target.
Chemical Energy
• Chemical energy is that part of
the energy in a substance that
can be released by a chemical
• This is actually the most common
kind of energy and people use it all
the time, even if they don't realize
Chemical Energy
• Chemical energy is stored in the particles that
make up food, fuel and other matter. The food
you eat gives chemical energy which allows
you to walk, run and move.
Electrical Energy
Electrical energy is the movement of charged
particles, negative (-) and positive (+). It can come
from batteries or power plants and it can also be
found in nature. Power plants burn fuel to make
electricity which is then sent to homes and
businesses through wires.
Electrical Energy is delivered by tiny charged
particles called electrons, typically moving through a
wire. Lightning is an example of electrical energy in
nature, so powerful that it is not confined to a wire.
Light Energy
what is light?
Electromagnetic energy that travels in waves.
Light energy includes visible light. Light from any
source including the sun are examples of light
energy. The sun is the largest source of light
energy in our solar system.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Emag spectrum
Heat (Thermal) Energy
The internal energy in substances that
comes from vibration and movement of
Temperature measures the kinetic energy of
the particles of a substance.
Solar Energy
Energy from the sun. This energy drives the
climate and weather and supports virtually all life
on Earth.
Solar energy can be “stored” in solar panels.
Solar power is used synonymously with solar
energy or more specifically to refer to the
conversion of sunlight into electricity.
what if the sun disappeared?
Gravitational Energy
A form of potential energy of position or
Examples: A rock on top of a hill.
Hydropower, such as water in a reservoir
behind a dam is also an example of
gravitational potential energy.
Sound Energy
The movement of energy through substances in
longitudinal waves. Sound is produced when a
force causes an object or substance to vibrate.
Energy is transferred through the substance in a
wave. A person’s voice is an example of sound
Can you see sound?
Transfer and Transformed
Transfer: To move something to a different
Transformed : changed or altered schlieren photography
Energy is transferred from one form to another
or to different places…
Energy is transformed from one form to another.
Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy is not
created nor destroyed… it is simply transferred
or transformed to a different type or place.
Matter is anything that has mass and takes up
There are 3 types of matter: solid, liquid, and
Law of conservation of Matter:
Matter is neither created nor destroyed…
matter simply changes it’s state (phase).
• A system is : anything that has inputsoutputs- and/or transfers of matter,
energy, or information.
A system consists of parts which work
If one part of the system is altered or
missing, the system will not work as well
or may not function at all.