Air Law - Aerodromes - Winnipeg Ground School

Mr. Darcel
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
Work through this presentation as if each point were a
question- if you cannot explain the topic to the person
sitting next to you, you should study it.
The exam will be multiple choice.
The questions have all been drawn from the material
presented during the lectures – good luck!
 Right of way
 Know what to do in the event of a head-on approach
 Procedures
 Know where to join the circuit, both as regular and NORDO
a/c in controlled or uncontrolled airspace
 Know light signals
 Recall the difference between a flight plan and a flight
itinerary, and their use.
 Documents
 Know the required documents
 Know medical validity
 Know the purpose of a Journey log, and how to use one
 Airspace
 Know weather minima for controlled and uncontrolled
airspace, both day and night (NB- only visibility
 Know restrictions placed on you as VFR traffic
 Know the difference between standard pressure and
altimeter setting regions
 Aerodromes
 Know lighting requirements
 Know about regular and unserviceable markings
 Recall wind sock speeds for a given position
 Recall runway numbering, Northern and Southern
Domestic Airspace
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