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Science 8/Living Environment
Mr. Ascher
Directions: Read the following sentences carefully. For each sentence underline the
observation and circle the inference.
1. The people down the street must be having a barbecue because the air smells of
smoke and burnt chicken.
2. There is a baseball in my driveway and my car windshield is broken. Someone
playing ball must have shattered my windshield.
3. The rock has scratches and is very polished. This rock was once covered by a
Directions: Look at the image below. Read the statement and determine if it is an
observation or an inference. Write an “O” on the line provided if it is an observation, and
an “I” if it is an inference.
4. _________ The plant uses water.
5. _________ The plant has flowers.
6. _________ The plant has stems
7. _________ The plant grew from a seed.
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Directions: Look at the picture below. Then write three observations and two inferences, based
on the picture.
8. (Observation)____________________________________________________________
9. (Observation)____________________________________________________________
10. (Observation)____________________________________________________________
11. (Inference)_______________________________________________________________
12. (Inference)_______________________________________________________________
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