File - Science with Mr. Ascher

Science 8/Living Environment
Mr. Ascher
Part 1
Directions: Read the following sentences carefully. Determine if the sentence is an
observation or an inference. Write “O” for observation and “I” for inference on the line
1. ____________ If I touch the hot pot handle I will burn my hand.
2. ____________ When I rang the doorbell, no one answered.
3. ____________ Jamal must be popular.
4. ____________ The sun set at 7:18.
5. ____________ That sounded like a mean dog.
6. ____________ Corn must be her favorite vegetable because she ate a lot.
7. ____________ The beaker contains 250 ml of water.
8. ____________ A gas formed when I mixed the liquid and solid
9. ____________ Sound traveled faster through the desk than through the air.
10. ____________ When the power is turned on, the game lights up and plays a song.
Part 2
Directions: Read the following observation sentences carefully. Re-write the statement on the
line provided to form an inference.
Example: The hamburger is hot. (observation)
Inference— The hamburger is hot, so it must be fresh.
11. The mineral on the table is transparent and smooth.
12. The bark on the birch tree was white.
13. The room is full of steam.
14. She drives a white minivan.