Studying Life

Studying Life
What is biology?
• Biology is the science that
seeks understanding of the
living world.
Characteristics of Living Things
• What is a cell?
– A cell
is a collection of
living matter enclosed by a
barrier that separates the
cell from its surroundings.
Characteristics of Living Things
• The truth about cells:
–A cell is the smallest unit of an
organism that can be considered
–A multi cellular organism may
contain trillions of cells.
–Organisms are made up of cells.
Characteristics of Living Things
• What are two types of asexual
–A single-celled organisms
divides in half to form two new
–A portion of an organism splits
off to form a new organism.
Characteristics of Living Things
• Living things are based on a
universal genetic code.
Characteristics of Living Things
• The truth about living things:
–For bacteria growth is simply
increase in size.
–Each type of organism has a
distinctive life cycle.
–Cells may change in number but
never differentiate.
Characteristics of Living Things
• Why does an organism need energy and
materials and a constant supply of
–An organism uses energy
and materials to grow,
develop, and reproduce.
Characteristics of Living Things
• What is metabolism?
–It is the combination of reactions
through which an organism
builds up or breaks down
materials as it carries out its life
Characteristics of Living Things
• Do all organisms respond to the
environment in exactly the same
Characteristics of Living Things
• What is homeostasis?
–It is the process by which
organisms keep their internal
conditions fairly constant (the
Branches of Biology
• Zoologist
–Focuses studies on animals.
• Botanist
–Focuses studies on plants.
• Paleontologist
–Focuses studies on ancient life.
Levels of Study
• Levels of Study
Levels of Study
• The largest level of biological
study is the
Everyday Biology
• What kinds of information can the
study of biology provide about
matters affecting human society?
–Biology helps you understand all
forms of life and helps you
understand what affects the quality
of your life.
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