SEM MKTG PLAN 11/5, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9 * 2012 EQ: What is

MKTG PLAN 12-10 thru 12-14-12 (TEST ON 12-14 Test #10)
12-10-12 EQ? What external factor affects pricing?
WARM-UP: Many people are still out of work and the economy is slow. Recommend 10 places to dine
in Durham where you believe you can get a decent meal for your money.
ACTIVITY 1: Review on pricing terms Use the terms at the bottom to fill in the blanks
Advantage of using bar code pricing ____________________________________________
Questionable pricing tactic ____________________________________________________
Costs that businesses usually include in the price of the product ________________________
Appropriate pricing strategy when economy is in a downturn __________________________
How does technology help businesses when it enables them to obtain/analyze vast amounts of info. that
impact the pricing function ____________________________________________________________
6. Unethical pricing practice? ___________________________________________________________
7. Why company would set selling price as low as possible __________________________________
8. External factor affecting pricing _____________________________________________________
9. Business charges small company higher prices than big company __________________________
10. All service stations on Guess Road decide to charge the samm prices per gallon of gasoline
To get market share as soon as possible
Flexible pricing
Economic conditions
Developing a complex price structure
Easier to change prices
Price discrimination
Company prices products low trying to drive competition out of business
By determining the best time to adjust prices
Price fixing
ACTIVITY 2 Marketing Careers
1. Determining why consumers to what they do
2. Career involves catching customer’s attention, informing them of products and persuading them to buy
3. Marketing professionals responsible for creating new packaging design
4. Professionals responsible for preparing annual budget
5. Career responsible for preparing releases
6. What makes a press release more interesting?
7. Matching sponsors with appropriate organization
Captioned photo
Sponsorship Mgmt.
Marketing research
Media Relations
Product/Service Mgmt
ACTIVITY 3 Determine which of the marketing careers mentioned above is something you would be suited
for. State the position and what qualities you have that would make it a match.
12-11-12 EQ? How does promotion benefit customers?
WARM-UP: Name three ads you have seen lately that you really like the way it is presented. Name the
product and where you saw the ad.
ACTIVITY 1: Promotion
Use the terms at the bottom to best fill in the blanks:
1.Type of promotion is depicted by a business’s one time announcement of its half price sales in the local
newspaper ___________________________________________________________________________
2. How does promotion benefit customers _________________________________________________
3. External factor that affects promotion __________________________________________________
4. Objective of institutional advertising ___________________________________________________
5. Form of promotion usually emphasized for complex, technical products ________________________
6. How do competing businesses in the same industry react to each other’s promotional mixes ________
7.Which stage of product life cycle does promotion focus on differences between competing products
8. Why are promotional media such as newspaper and magazines referred to as mass media
9. True statement about international promotional activities _____________________________
10. New technology is allowing businesses to create these - - affecting promotion
11. How have technological advancements enhanced a small business’s ability to promote its products?
Individualized messages
Information can be communicated by more venues, and messages can be customized.
They reach a lot of people at the same time
Laws governing promotional activities vary by country
By playing follow the leader
Product promotion
Personal selling
Helps them to select appropriate products
Government regulation of ads
To demonstrate the organization’s role in community affairs
ACTIVITY 2: View Lap Spread the Word and answer the following questions:
1. Distinguish between promotion and the promotional mix.
2. Explain the four elements of the promotional mix.
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising?
4. In what situations does advertising typically work best?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal selling?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of publicity?
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sales promotion?
8. Why is the promotional mix important?
12-12-12 EQ? What is at the center of all marketing activities?
WARM-UP: From the time you leave home in the morning until you return in the afternoon, which
outdoor advertising do you see that you think is the most interesting?
ACTIVITY 1: Visit the website listed to answer the following questions:
1. What % of a business owner’s referrals come from word of mouth?
2. What is meant by Organic Word of Mouth?
3. Name two practices that enhance organic word of mouth activity
4. What is meant by Amplified Word of Mouth?
5. Name two practices that amplify word of mouth activity:
6. List one factor that encourages communications
7. List one fact that relates to giving people something to talk about
8. List two means of creating communities and connecting people
9. List two ways of working with influential communities
10. List two factors relating to researching and listening to customer feedback.
ACTIVITY 2: Determine which term appropriately fills the blank below:
A. Alexandria likes Look So Good cosmetics so much she has become an advocate. She tells everyone
about the features/benefits and encourages consumers to try them. What type of WOM marketing
B. Best describes the goal of amplified word of mouth
C. Benefit to business of positive WOM _______________________________________________
Organic marketing
Increased sales
Providing information to activists to share with others
ACTIVITY 3: visit to answer the following questions:
A. What is the advantage of street furniture? Give examples of what is meant by street furniture.
B. What type of outdoor media can be used in a mall?
C. What does Specialty Advertising include?
D. Give an example of sports media.
E. Give two examples of transit media.
F. Make a statement about the impact of a billboard.
G. What is considered to be the future of outdoor advertising?
View website of View a testimonial video of choice
and provide details
Researchers found that a 32 yr ban on fast food advertising to kids in electronic and print media in
Quebec Canada resulted in 13% reduction in fast food expenditures and an estimated 2 Billion to 4
Billion calories consumed by children in the province. While the rest of Canada has been experiencing
the same explosion of childhood obesity seen in the U.S., Quebec has the lowest childhood obesity rate
in Canada.
12-13-12 EQ? How can advertising affect children?
WARM-UP: Play Quia games dedicated to Test #10 – will test tomorrow
Researchers found that a 32 yr ban on fast food advertising to kids in electronic and print media in
Quebec Canada resulted in 13% reduction in fast food expenditures and an estimated 2 Billion to 4
Billion calories consumed by children in the province. While the rest of Canada has been experiencing
the same explosion of childhood obesity seen in the U.S., Quebec has the lowest childhood obesity rate
in Canada.
As if pushing unhealthy food was not enough, now pharmaceutical companies are rolling out ads that
are designed to appeal to kids. Children’s Claritin now includes Madagascar stickers and encouragement
of neighborhood parties. It seems now we are accepting targeted advertising to children that they could
not possibly evaluate. It has been determined that children are impressionable, and the wrong kind of
advertising can affect their development.
Activity 1: Pick out two brands of children;s cereals - - google to determine how much sugar each
ACTIVITY 2: Honey Boo Boo reality show filmed in McIntyre, Georgia featuring a 7 yr old beauty
pageant regular and her family.
Since the show premiered, online criticism has focused on the family's behavior, weight and diet – which often
includes junk food and sometimes a mixture of Mountain Dew and Red Bull they call "go-go juice." Many online
commenters liken it to a train wreck they can't stop watching because they're shocked and horrified. Google
Honey Boo Boo and write a paragraph why you think the show might have a bad influence on a developing child.
1 How should info. Be presented when writing informational messages
2 Reason a businessperson might write a letter of inquiry
3 When writing letter of inquiry, when to identify the purpose of your letter__
4 Ex. of mktg. info that a business could gather by surveying customers
5 Benefits of using info should be greater than expense of gathering info
6 According to mktg. concept, which option shows co. commitment
7 After popularity of product dropped - who helps dev. Improvements
8 Activity addressed in product/service management
9 A way a business can extend the life cycle of an established product?
10 Why does co. need to know what stage of life cycle product's in
11 Why might profits decline for co. that 1st introduced the product?
12 Tech. advanced method allows businesses to specialize products
13 Way business uses comp. tech. to obtain info. to imp. product mix?
14 Ex. of an ethical issue that a product/service manager might face?
15 An unethical situation in product/service management?
16 Why do marketers continue to gather information?
17 How can researchers protect the integrity of the mktg. info. collected
18 An important ethical issue involved with the use of marketing info.?
19 Why business places cookie on user's hard drive when the visiting site? __
20 Businesses use databases to sort and info. about purchases & $'s spent __
21 Using a database to track customer's purchases can
12-14-12 Test on #10 today and retest as necessary
At the beginning of your letter
Because competitors have entered the mkt.
Build strong, loyal customer relationships
By finding new uses for the product
By interpreting it correctly
Co. embellishes the info. it places on its prod
Cost effectiveness
Eliminate products that are slow sellers
In the order of importance
Location of the company's market
Mass customization
Product/service management
Setting aside funds for research
Mktg. environment is constantly changing
To adapt its marketing strategies
To customize its marketing efforts
To request an appointment
To track the # of times user buys a product
Tracking visitors to their web sites
Use of environmentally friendly packaging