Chapter 43 Assignment

AP Biology: Chapter 43 Assignment
Answer the following questions as you read chapter 43.
1. Use your reading and figure 43.2, 43.4, 43.6 and 43.14 to compare:
a. Innate vs. Acquired Immunity
b. External vs. Internal defenses
c. Humoral vs. Cell-mediated responses (look at 43.16 & 43.17 too)
2. Name and describe four types of phagocytic cells.
3. Describe the inflammation response.
4. Consider the process of clonal selection of B cells (43.12) and immunological
memory (43.13). How does this relate to both the specificity and memory of
acquired immunity?
5. Describe the relationship of antigens/antibodies and how this relates to
figures 43.8 & 43.18.
6. Compare active to passive immunity.
7. What is an allergy? Describe an allergic reaction, including the roles of IgE,
mast cells, and histamine
8. What is an autoimmune disorder? Describe how HIV affects the body from
infection to AIDS. List strategies that can reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
9. Explain why the antigen receptors of lymphocytes are tested for selfreactivity
10. Describe the cellular basis for immunological memory.
11. Explain how a single antigen can provoke a robust humoral response.
12. Compare the processes of neutralization and opsonization.
13. Describe the role of MHC in the rejection of tissue transplants.
14. Describe some of the mechanisms that pathogens have evolved to thwart the
immune response of their hosts.