Body Cavities

Body Organization
Part II
BIO 201
Kelly Trainor, PhD
Describe the anatomical position.
Use correct anatomical terminology to describe body directions,
body regions, and body planes or sections.
Locate and name the major body cavities and their subdivisions and
associated membranes, and list the major organs contained within
Name the four quadrants or nine regions of the abdominopelvic
cavity and list the organs they contain.
Directional Terms
Directional Terms
Directional Terms
Body Planes and Sections
A sagittal section divides the body (or organ) into left and right parts
A median, or midsagittal, section divides the body (or organ) into
equal left and right parts
A frontal section divides the body (or organ) into anterior and
posterior parts
A transverse, or cross, section divides the body (or organ) into
superior and inferior parts
Body Cavities
Dorsal body cavity
 Cranial cavity houses the
 Spinal cavity houses the
spinal cord
Ventral body cavity
 Thoracic cavity houses
heart, lungs and others
 Abdominopelvic cavity
houses digestive system
and most urinary system
Body Cavities
Thoracic cavity
 Two pleural cavities
 Each houses a lung
 Mediastinum
 Contains pericardial
 Surrounds thoracic
 Pericardial cavity
 Encloses heart
Serous Membranes
Thin, double-layered
membrane separated by
serous fluid
 Parietal serosa lines
internal body walls
 Visceral serosa covers the
internal organs
Abdominopelvic Major Organs
Abdominopelvic Regions
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