Materials: none
**Get notes 3.9 out on desk!
Catalyst: A pointy nose (N) is dominant to a round nose
(n) in humans. A heterozygous man is crossed with a
homozygous recessive woman.
1. Parents: ______ x ______
2. Solve the Punnett square
3. Provide the genotype %s and phenotype %s:
pointy nose:
round nose:
• Tutorial today 3:15 – 4:30
– Retake star quiz 12 and 13
• Mutant Makers project overdue: 10%
• We will be doing a lab on Thursday/Friday so
make sure you are in attendance!
Detention List
Sanchez Daniels
Kamani Beachem
Jayme Lazaro
Tyrone Jenkins
Yazmin Huerta-Govea
Shane’ya Armstrong
Saphirre Brown
Willquarius Reese (2)
Sincere Monroe
Jennifer Guillen
Anquez Dawson
Shaniqua Salter
Amilja Adams
Demetrius Tillery
Renee Tention
Austin Simpson
Lakeisha McDonald
Cesar Juarez
Jason Howard
Martino McClenton
Jose Martinez
Breneisha Laster
Ezekiel Calzada
Cameron Arnett
Jason Scandrick
Gilberto Rodriguez
Tye Campbell
• I can apply genetics terminology and
knowledge of punnett squares to determine
the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring
in Bikini Bottom.
• You are the Gregor Mendel of Bikini Bottom!
• You have spent the past month investigating
the genetic makeup of organisms found in the
depths of the sea.
• Use the data you collected to answer the
questions on the worksheet provided and add
to the scientific library of the deep sea!
What If I Get STUCK?!?!?
• You are the scientist in this situation!
• If you cannot find the answer, these are the
steps you must take:
1. Notes
2. Neighbor
3. Need Teacher