FrontPage: OL on your desk.
Which branch of
government is most powerful? Why?
Read/OL pages 76-79 for Monday
FrontPage: Have the Checks and Balances
worksheet on your desk.
Assignment: Read/OL 76-79 for Monday
Source of Power?
Which of these is different from the rest?
› What 2 criteria must be satisfied if a law is to
be enacted using the Elastic Clause?
What checks exist on Congressional
What is the Constitutional source of presidential
› Give an example of a power the president can
What part of Article II has been interpreted to
give the President a great deal of extra power?
What checks exist on the president?
What is the Constitutional source of the power of
the Supreme Court?
› Jurisdiction = area of control
 When the court can rule on a case; what subjects or
people the court can hear cases about
What important power does the Court exercise
over Congress and the President (and the states
as well)?
What is the check on this power?
You might consider the President and
Congress as having “proactive” powers
› They can initiate actions on their own
On the other hand, the judicial branch might
be said to have “reactive” powers
› They must wait for someone to challenge a law or
executive action