Spanish III Honors Syllabus 2013

Spanish III Honors
Syllabus 2013-14
Mrs. Janet Tan
Required Materials
1. Schmitt, Conrad J. ¡Así se dice! Level 3 (digital). Columbus, OH: Glencoe, 2009.
2. Schmitt, Conrad J. ¡Así se dice! Workbook and Audio Activities Level 3 (digital).
Columbus, OH: Glencoe, 2009.
3. iPad
4. Folder
Course Objectives
Building upon the foundation of Spanish I and II, Spanish III will introduce students to
more complex grammatical concepts. Students will also be challenged to put the
grammar concepts and vocabulary that we learn in class into use. Spanish III will
continue to develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Going
beyond basic comprehension and communication, students will be expected analyze
sources in greater detail, synthesize their own opinions and make inferences based on the
sources. The study of grammar and vocabulary will go hand in hand with the study of the
cultures, histories, and contemporary situations of various Spanish speaking countries.
Course Syllabus
1. Repaso A
Home and School
Ir, Dar, Estar; present tense of
regular verbs; present tense
with irregular verbs in the yo
2. Repaso B
Sports and Daily Routine
Present tense of
stem-changing verbs; present
tense of reflexive verbs
3. Repaso C
Preterit tense
4. Repaso D
Shopping and Holidays
Imperfect tense; Gustar,
Aburrir, Interesar
5. Repaso E
The City and the Country
Direct object pronouns; uses of
the preterit & imperfect tenses
6. Repaso F
Hotels and Restaurants
Double object pronouns;
present perfect tense; regular
and irregular past participles
7. Capítulo 1
Food and Cooking
The subjunctive mood;
8. Capítulo 2
Exercise and Medical
Subjunctive with impersonal
expresions; ojalá, quizás, tal vez;
the subjunctive of stem
changing verbs; comparisons
9. Capítulo 3
10. Capítulo 4
Weddings, Baptisms,
Subjunctive with wishes and
Birthdays and Funerals
emotions; possessive pronouns
Subjunctive with doubt and
adverbial clauses; pluperfect,
conditional perfect and future
perfect tenses
11. Capítulo 5
Imperfect subjunctive;
subjunctive vs. the infinitive;
12. Capítulo 6
Subjunctive with expressions
of time; subjunctive to express
suggestions and advice;
irregular nouns
*At the discretion of the professor, additional material or less material may be covered based on the
progress of the students.