The Royal Family - rubric

The Royal Family
Learning Goals: By the end of this unit,
I will be able to conjugate the 4 main irregular French verbs and use them in sentences.
Success Criteria:
Knowledge (What I know)
Thinking (What I say/do)
Communication (What I share/How I say it)
Application (How I connect it)
I know the stories to help me write the correct forms
I write the correct forms next to the 6 pronouns
I can pronounce the verb forms
I know which form to use and when to use it
Final Task Rubric
1. Title Page with the 4 characters + the complete conjugations of être/avoir/aller/faire (with 6
pronouns – 3 singular/3 plural (also indicate on/qui/elle and Elles)
2. Part 1: The King Être = to be
3. Part 2: The Queen Avoir = to have
4. Part 3: The Princess Aller = to go
5. Part 4: The Prince Faire = To do/to make
For 2-5, you will need the story, and the complete conjugations. Colour code to make your
conjugations more clear.
être = to be
King être’s first name is Toby. He always wears
his crown. He likes to eat Silly Cornflakes
(accent circonflexe). He does flips (ousons).
1. Je suis
I go shopping with U and I. I go to SearS
and I buy SWEEts (pronunciation of suis)
2. Tu es
You like Tu-ES-days
3. Il/elle/on/qui est
He likes TuESdays and he drinks Tea
1. Nous sommes
We like the Summer, we go for a boat
ride on the river SOMMES
2. Vous êtes
You like to watch ET, with your crown
on, on TuESdays
3. Ils/elles sont
They live in ONTario, they are Smart
Pronunciation tu and il sound the same
Nous som/vous êt/il sont
Avoir = to have
1. J’ai
2. Tu as
3. Il a
1. Nous avons
2 vous avez
3 ils/elles ont
The Queen Avoir’s first name is ToHave.
She stutters when she sees the king and
says 5x a a a a a. the 6th time she says O.
They live in Ontario.
Ontario is a Very, Very EZ place to find.
We all do flips when we are happy
The king drinks Tea, the queen takes a
Tuesday has an –s, so tu as gets an s.
Je means I
She drops the –e in the je, before an
a,e,i,o,u, you, and don’t forget the h.
The queen likes to eat applesauce
Aller = to go
Faire – to do/to make
1 Je vais
1Je fais
2 Tu vas
2Tu fais
3 Il/elle/on/qui va
3Il fait
1Nous allons
1. Nous faisons
2Vous allez
2 vous faites
3Ils/elles vont
3 ils/elles font
The first name of princess Aller is Togo.
Start with the verb avoir.
Prince Faire = Todo/Tomake. He gets
The princess Vrooms through the hallway to the
presents. First present is from the king, 6x
bathroom. (put v’s everywhere in front of the avoir
F. They live in ONTario.
conjugations. Don’t put any where there is already
Second present is from the Queen, he gets
a V in the conjugation).
5 x a. Third present is from the princess.
Start at the end. They live in Ontario.
He gets 5x I, because she is selfish and
Change the two V’s in avons/avez to LL, since we
want everything to be about her.
are talking about aLLer, not aVoir.
Prince Faire gets to play on Queen Street
Add an –s to the je conjugation (let go!!!)
(The queen stutters, so add S S T to je, tu
Change the j’ back to an JE because there is a
and il). He also gets to play on King Street
consonant following.
(add ST to nous and vous). He gets to play
on TuESday (vous) and we are all happy
Pronunciation tu and il sound the same
about that (flip OUSons)
Pronunciation je, tu, il sound the same.
Nous fezon / vous fête/ il fon