Study Guide - Skeletal System

Due Friday 10-10-14
Study Guide - Skeletal System
1. List the 5 major functions of the skeletal system
2. How many bones are there (normally) in your skeleton?
3. List the groups of bones that make up the:
A. Appendicular Skeleton
B. Axial Skeleton
4. Know all bones in the skeleton.
5. What is the membrane lining the medullary cavity called?
6. What is another term for a skeletal joint?
7. Name the 2 types of marrow and tell what each does.
8. Give the proper names for the two types of bone tissue and tell where each is found.
9. Describe each of the following (label on a diagram)
A. Osteocyte
B. Osteoblast
C. Osteoclast
D. Lacunae
E. Haversian Canal
F. Volkmann's Canal
G. Canaliculi
H. Haversian System
I. Lamellae
J. Matrix
Due Friday 10-10-14
10. What type of cartilage makes bone initially?
11. How many ossification centers are found in bone?
12. What is the purpose of each ossification center?
13. What allows the bones to lengthen?
13. Define ossification.
14. What happens in the process of resorption?
15. What are the three stages of bone development?
16. Name and describe the 3 major categories of joints. Give examples.