Chad Toker

Statistics is the science of collection and analyzing of large
amounts of data. Statistics is important because it can give a
government an idea on what its citizens want changed or if they
are doing a good job. I am interested in statistics because it can
give me a real time data on an issue I have or something that is
happening in the world. Statistics in important to day to day life
because it is used all around us and we don’t really notice it, its
used in sports to show how well a player is playing, its used in
government surveys to show what citizens want changed or keep
the same.
The word statistics comes from the Latin word “status” or Italian word “Statista”, the
meaning of these words mean “political state”. In 1602 Shakespeare use the
word “statist in his play Hamlet. In 1771 Baron B.F. Bieford wrote a book, and
statistics was defined as the science that teaches us what is the political
arrangement of modern states in the known world. There is a big gap between the
old and new statistics, but part of the old is still being used in the modern
Alberta is known for 98% of
Canada’s oil export. There are 2
types statistics: Descriptive and
I learnt that statistics is all around us and we use it every day. Statistics is important
because it gives us the stats we need, when we need them. If its not in sports we
use it to show what the people think about the government, we use though sales,
BIBLIOGRAPHY This is just a good website showing
statistics of peace river compared to Canada and Alberta.