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Lord Beaverbrook
High School
Arts-Centred Learning
We have 8 distinct Alternative
Programs in multiple sites:
Aboriginal Focus
All Boys
All Girls
Canadian Studies
Traditional Learning Centre
Why Alternative Programs?
 Providing families with
choices to meet the unique
learning needs of their child
 Programs focus on a particular
language, culture, subject (Arts,
Science), or teaching
 Informed choice is essential –
what is THIS particular program
about and how does it meet MY
child’s needs?
Key Messages
 Each program has unique
 Integrity of the program remains
the same across sites
 All follow Alberta Programs of
Study with Alberta Teachers’
Association Certified Teachers
 Where there is a lottery process,
all families are eligible to apply
 Aligned with system timeframe
for registration
Timeline for Registration
Specific to Lord Beaverbrook
 Ongoing
 Documents are found at:
 Closed Last School Day of
Elements of Arts-Centered Learning
 engagement with the Alberta Program
of Studies using the arts as means of
understanding the world
 greater emphasis is on process rather
than product, on learning processes
that encourage inquiry, exploration,
experimentation and reflection
 opportunities for co-constructing
knowledge and understanding
through the arts
Differences and similarities with
community school programs
project-based instructional model
direct focus on creativity and innovation
collaborative leadership
an understanding of the lived
experience of artists
Alberta Program of Studies
second language opportunities
Personal Development
The ACL Classroom
 encourages students to appreciate
how learning through the arts has a
societal impact and connection
 offers opportunities to work with real
 focuses on appreciating and
critiquing art
 presents opportunities to learn and
share information and experiences
in multiple ways
An ACL student demonstrates…
 an interest in and passion for the arts
 characteristics that honour and
respect the creativity of peers
 a eagerness to represent their
knowledge and understanding
through multiple perspectives found
throughout the arts
 a sense of belonging in an active
community within and beyond the
Other considerations
 $75.00 Arts-Centred Learning
resource fee
 additional costs may be incurred for
arts-related field trips, performances
and other learning opportunities
 transportation provided by yellow
school bus carrier or Calgary Transit
through congregated stops
 register so your address can be
considered when routes/stops are