Objective Notes

Progressive Era – Objective Question Notes
Section 1: The Origins of Progressivism
1. EXPLAIN the four goals of progressivism.
a. What were the four main goals of progressivism (describe each)?
b. How did Prohibition (define) fit into the reform movement?
2. Summarize progressive efforts to clean up government.
a. How did natural disasters help launch the movement to reform local government?
b. How did reform mayors clean up their local governments?
3. Identify progressive efforts to reform state government, protect workers, and reform elections.
a. How did reforms protect children?
b. How did reforms change working conditions?
c. What kinds of political reforms took place at the state level?
Progressive Era – Objective Question Notes
Section 2: Women in Public Life
1. Describe the growing presence of women in the workforce at the turn of the 20th century.
a. What kind of work was available to American women before the Civil War?
b. How did women’s pay compare with men’s pay in factories?
c. Why did women take white-collar jobs
2. Identify leaders of the woman suffrage movement.
a. How did the opening of women’s colleges help create new opportunities for women?
b. Why were there women leaders in the movements to reform social welfare, public morals, and race
c. How did Susan B. Anthony help the cause of women?
3. Explain how woman suffrage was achieved.
Progressive Era – Objective Question Notes
Section 3: Teddy Roosevelt’s Square Deal
1. Describe the events of Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency.
a. How did Theodore Roosevelt become president?
b. What did Theodore Roosevelt do that brought him to national prominence?
c. How did Roosevelt create the modern presidency?
2. Explain how Roosevelt used the power of the presidency to regulate business.
a. How did Roosevelt’s intervention in a coal strike set a precedent for federal arbitration?
b. What did Roosevelt do to the trusts and railroads?
3. Identify laws passed to protect public health and the environment.
a. What legislation passed during Roosevelt’s presidency protected citizens?
b. What did Roosevelt do to protect the environment?
4. Summarize Roosevelt’s stand on civil rights.
a. Who was Booker T. Washington?
b. Who was W.E.B. Du Bois, and what famous civil rights organization did he help found?
Progressive Era – Objective Question Notes
Section 4: Progressivism Under Taft
1. Summarize the events of the Taft presidency.
a. How did Taft get selected to run for president?
b. What did Taft do that angered progressive Republicans?
2. Explain the division in the Republican Party.
a. How did Taft’s support of Joe Cannon alienate progressive Republicans?
b. How did Roosevelt come to oppose Taft for the presidency in 1912?
3. Describe the election of 1912.
a. Who were the candidates in the 1912 election?
b. What event helped Wilson win the election of 1912?
Progressive Era – Objective Question Notes
Section 5: Wilson’s New Freedom
1. Describe Woodrow Wilson’s background and the progressive reforms of his presidency.
a. What legislation did Wilson use to attack trusts and monopolies?
b. How were the lowering of the tariff and the introduction of the income tax related?
c. How did Wilson reform banking?
2. List the steps leading to woman suffrage.
a. How did women finally win the vote?
b. What was the Nineteenth Amendment?
3. Explain the limits of Wilson’s progressivism.
a. What was Wilson’s position on civil rights?
b. How did America’s entry into World War I affect the reform movement?