FCCLA Member Recruitment Powerpoint


Any student who has taken a course in Family and Consumer Sciences through grade 12 is eligible for active membership in an organized chapter within their school.

FCCLA Colors


Symbolizes Strength Courage and



Symbolizes Sincerity of Purpose and

Integrity of Action


The Red Rose


Group Events

• Advocacy

• Chapter Service Project


• Chapter Service Display


• Chapter in Review


• Focus on Children

• Food Innovations

• Interpersonal


• Life Event Planning

Individual Events

• Career Investigation

• Nutrition and Wellness

• Early Childhood

• Job Interview

• Leadership

• Sports Nutrition

• Teach and Train


Family, Career and Community Leaders of

America offers scholarships to students planning to major in family and consumer sciences (FCS) and other disciplines. Applicants must have been a member of the Texas

Association, Family, Career and Community

Leaders of America. A standard application form for scholarships processed through the state office, Family, Career and Community

Leaders of America is used. Applications are due to the state office by March 1.

Meetings in Texas

● Fall District MeetingsMeet other FCCLA members from surrounding schools and find out what FCCLA is all about!

● Regional Meetings – March 5-7, 2015 - Waco, Texas.

Students will participate in STAR/Proficiency Events and learn from concurrent sessions.

● State Leadership ConferenceApril 7-9, 2015 – Dallas,

Texas. Students will participate in leadership sessions,

STAR/Proficiency Events, general sessions and special community service projects.

July 5-9, 2015 – Washington DC.

Students will participate in

STAR event competitions, leadership trainings, and other activities while meeting FCCLA members from across the nation.

Teen Times is FCCLA members’ national magazine with coverage of teen issues and chapter ideas.

Members receive four issues each year.

( 1 st issue printed, 3 others are digital copies.)

Top 10 Reasons to

Join FCCLA...

1. Meet new friends with similar interests.

2. Plan and participate in fun chapter projects and activities.

3. Give back to your community and school. Make a difference in your world!

4. Explore careers and develop skills you will need for the world of work.

5. Earn recognition and feel good about yourself.

6. Compete in STAR Events and, upon advancement get the opportunity to travel to new places!

7. Develop your skills and associations that can benefit your resume and scholarship applications!

8. Receive an official membership card and copies of Teen Times.

9. Scholarship opportunities. , a national magazine that covers teen issues and FCCLA activities

10. Have tons of fun!

• Pick up a Membership Form from Mrs. Metz in W103.

• Fill out your membership form and return it with $16.00 state and national dues to Mrs. Metz.

• Attend the first meeting on September 15 th at 4:30 PM in W103. A makeup meeting will be held Sept. 16 th at

8:30 AM in W103.

• Consider running for office. There are MANY leadership roles in FCCLA and you could find the one just right for you! See Mrs. Metz for an Officer