JUNE 2015 Newsletter
 H.K. Miller Through June 26
 Open Juried Exhibit July 11 – Aug 21
 Water Authority Sept 12 – Oct 23
 Snowflake Showcase Nov 6 – Dec 18
Present and Past Perfect Open Juried Exhibition
for Emerging and Established Artists
Seeking entries for GAC’s Open Juried Exhibition
Entry Deadline: May 29. Entry forms are available on the web and at the art
center. To enter online, go to www.greensburgartcenter.org under
Exhibitions. Show is open to all artist 18 years or older.
Notes from the President
H. K. MILLER Presentation at 6:30 Pm PRIOR TO the JUNE MEMBERSHIP MEETING MONDAY JUNE 8 – Let’s all make a point of
getting together to hear about H. K. approach to his paintings! Become an active participant of your club. Interact with others, get in on
the ground floor for planning and implementing club activities, and make your voice known. H. K. Miller’s exhibit of contrasting oil
landscapes in “Pennsylvania and Arizona: worlds apart” is a joy to behold. Do yourself a favor and come to the Rowe Gallery to reflect
on the beauty of these paintings.
EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT - Memorial Day weekend was busy for Joe Dalesandro, our Eagle Scout and his fellow troop members as
you will see the next time you’re at the center. It’s been a long time coming but our green space in the parking lot has become a reality.
The “bones” of the garden are there and we invite those of you who have additional plants that we can use to supplement our plantings
to get together with the Landscape Committee in June for a planting party (refreshments will be provided). An email blast will be sent out
when the weather is deemed a good time for the event. If you have items to add to our plantings, please contact Helen Thorne, Rose
Sovyak, Sue White, Pat Majcher, and Renie Pollock so we can have an idea of what will be coming in to figure out the best placement.
As you will notice, the parking lot edge along Rt 30 has also been cleaned up by our scout project as well. So-o-o-o-o nice!
MIX OF MEDIUMS AND STYLES! You still have time to show us what you’re up to and be eligible to win a prize in this fun show that
encourages both new and established artists. Remember, 3 D work is encouraged as well as 2D pieces. This is a time to celebrate all of
your creative efforts.
NEED HELP on the 2 biggest celebration events for our GAC members – Our picnic in September will be held once again at Renie
Pollock’s farm. We’ll need help setting up tents, tables, chairs and food stations and plans for food. Likewise for our Christmas Party, we
are in serious need for people to make and execute the extensive plans to make it happen. Please get involved and help make these
occasions a reality. Anyone willing to work on these events, please contact Rose Sovyak or me
AMAZON SMILE Program – We are officially registered for the Amazon Smile program, so when you’re spending money for other
purposes, everyone should know that Amazon will give ½% of the purchase amount to your designated non-profit 501c3 – that would be
…drum roll…Greensburg Art Club (please note the word CLUB. Our official non-profit designation is CLUB, not center. Every little bit
helps, so the next time you are buying through Amazon, please remember the AMAZON SMILE program and choose us as your
beneficiary for the ½%.
ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF MEMBERSHIP – GLORIA GONZALEZ has taken the lead again in recycling discarded clay
remnants into fully functioning clay for our classes at GAC. Pam Cooper and I acted as assistants on this MESSY project as Gloria led
us through the necessary steps. Right now the emphasis is on mid-fire clay bodies, but soon we’ll be moving on to low fire clays for our
upcoming raku workshop scheduled for August 22 led, once again, by Dan Kuhn of Ton Pottery in Lawrenceville.
June Meeting: June 8th, 7 pm
EDUCATION: "Class/Workshop Proposal" is the new name given to the "Teacher Response Form". Hopefully the new name generates some new
ideas for classes and workshops. The proposals for summer classes are due by the end of April. Summer classes will begin in the middle of June
Special thanks to those who have recently made contributions to the GAC supply closet. We gratefully acknowledge donations from Rose
Hastings, Pam Cooper, and Tom Niggel, as well as in the many other generous persons who may have donated time, materials, and talents to
further art opportunities at our center!
As we move into a new session of offerings at GAC, it is important to have all current clearance forms on file for many instructors involved in
activities at the center. In accordance with Pennsylvania child abuse laws, all teachers and those with any possibility of being with young persons
are required to submit both the Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check form and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History
Clearance form. The GAC Educational Committee is here to assist all persons to complete these requirements.
TWO IMPORTANT NOTES REGARDING CLEARANCES: If you choose to submit hard (paper) copies of the forms, there is a strict protocol
which must be followed. Nancy Dalverny is available to take your completed copies (along with a check for $20 to purchase the two money orders)
to Senator Brewster's office for secure and safe processing to Harrisburg. Also, once you receive the State Police form, it (the original form) must
be given to Nancy to be included with the second mailing of the Child Abuse form. Contact her with any questions at 412-373-0711 or
[email protected] Thanks for your cooperation!
The model sessions at GAC are valuable opportunities to refine the skills of all artists. Observation of the human form translates to all other
areas of design and composition. In addition, Marcy Koynok diligently recruits interesting models each month which stimulate our desire to draw or
paint. Note: Models are clothed, costumed, or may be partially clothed, so that musculature can be observed and drawn.
Sessions are held on the fourth Monday of the month from 7:00 pm to 9:45. Model fee is $10.
It's hard to believe, but the year 2015 is nearly half over! Think of all of the events that have happened at GAC since January. Those newspaper
clippings, photos and other momentos regarding GAC that have accumulated will continue to be collected and assembled in binders as part of our
historical documentation. Alice O'Brien and her team will be gradually assembling those items into an orderly arrangement. Until then, you may
place such items on the counter near the copier (with a label indication "GAC Historical Items" and they will be stored safely until the assembly
time is ready. Eventually the completed binders will be housed in our library.
Instructors: Please note that the "Class and Workshop Proposal Form - CWP Form" has replaced the former "Teacher Response Form".
If you are interested in teaching for the summer session, you may complete that form (found on the website or on file at GAC) and
submit it to the Education Committee. Thank you for your support! Reminder to All GAC Instructors and Volunteers: Pennsylvania law
requires clearance forms from those of you who teach, assist, or interactwith minors or have any possibility of that situation occurring. Those
persons must submit the Pennsylvania StatePolice Criminal History Record Information form and the Pennsylvania Child Abuse HistoryClearance
forms ($10 each). Those involved may review further details on the website, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services at:
The Education Committee is available to help you complete the required forms and guide you through the online clearance process. Contact
Nancy Dalverny at:[email protected], 412-373-0711 (home), or 412-523-6686 (cell) for support and to schedule a date and time.
The Greensburg Art Center Membership would like to recognize the following Day of Giving Donors:
Marie Lint, Nadine Reposkey, Donna Eicher, Barbara Wiesr, Betty Hammer, Nancy Waitkus, Mary Ann Calabrase, Patricia Majcher, Tina Blake,
Jill Dilanni, Evelyn Sharbaug, Bonnie Hoffman, Joe Schildkamp, Rhonda Pegg, Nancy Dalverny, Barbara Jones, Shirleah Kelly, Alice O’Brien,
Rebecca Gardner, Kenneth White, Kathy Katarski, Catherine Rowe, Cheryl Kirsch, Irene Pollock, and Linda & Ge Austin.
We would also, like to recognize the previous donors this year: Fran Lynch, Sue & Ken White, Susan Kiren, Jenny Helms, Donna Merritts, Del &
Jeanne Smith, Gregory & Janice McCullough, Tom Niggel, and Adam & Kristin Majchers.
Below are unsolicited comments about monitoring from two of our members who have done it for a long time!
 Don't think of monitoring as a job. Think of it as an opportunity. You can meet so many nice people who stop in
for one reason or another. If it's a quiet or rainy day with few visitors you have the opportunity to read the
newspaper or that exciting novel you never have time to read at home, write a letter to an old friend, or time to
work on a drawing for the next show. It also gives you a good feeling to help keep our beautiful club open. Your
time there is greatly appreciated. Blessings to all of you! Evie Sharbaugh
 Well said Evie. I agree, and you can also browse the library - what a fantastic collection of art related books. It is
amazing that this club has survived for so many years with volunteers doing all the work. Having been a
member for fifty years, I have seen many changes, especially in the number of members. With such a vast
number of active artists, surely we can fill the gaps. Nina Stahlberg
We have permanent monitors who take the same day every month...like the 1st. Tues. 10AM to 1PM or the 3rd Friday 1PM to 4PM.
If a monitor does not want to commit to a certain day every month, I put them on the "fill-in " list and call each of them every month to see which of
the remaining days they are willing to take. Once in awhile, a permanent monitor is unable to take his/her shift so I see if any of the other
permanent monitors are willing to trade. If that is not possible, I contact the monitors on the "fill in" list to see if any of them can take that shift. The
permanent monitors have signed up for one, two or three shifts a month. Some of the "fill in" monitors also sign up for more than one day, though
most do a single shift....which is fine. I am presently training new monitors to share the work, since some of the regulars have had to quit due to
health problems, or are unavailable for a month or two at a time.
The hands on training should take about an hour and a half. You will be provided with hard copies of all the info so you don't have to remember
everything...just bring your info with you when you monitor so you can refer to it as the need arises. Once in awhile I'll do an email blast to all the
monitors if something new comes up or if they need to be reminded of something.
So...here's the question...Do you have time to help keep your Art Center open? One day a month? Do you have an hour and ½ to be trained? You
will be trained by Renie Pollock or Helen Thorne….both very good teachers! After that I'll schedule you with one of the experienced monitors for
your first shift. Then, if you feel comfortable, you can monitor on your own. If you have any questions, please call or email me. My cell is 724-8640865. My email is [email protected] ( ALICE O’BRIEN )
The monitors are the members who keep GAC open on a day to day basis! Let me know which days you are available for training and we'll get
you scheduled. Thanks for being willing to help. Alice
“Picture This at the Library” program, a joint endeavor between the Greensburg Art center and the Greensburg-Hempfield Library is entering its
third year. . The second exhibition of the 2015 season, “Early Spring and Beyond”, is an exhibit which features works by local artist, Suzanne
Kapusta. Her exhibition is on view through June 24, 2015. The third exhibition of the 2015 season, which features works by Sue White and her
granddaughter, Morga Williams is scheduled from July 9, 2015 through August 26, 2015. A reception will be held on Friday, July 10, 2015 from
6 to 8 PM. The exhibition and the reception are open to the public. Contact the Greensburg Art Center at 724-837-6791 or
www.greensburgrtcenter.org for information. Like us on Facebook. We are pleased to acknowledge our second grandmother/ granddaughter duo
of exhibitors, Sue White and Morgan Williams. Their work will be on display from July 9 through August 26, 2015. Renie Pollock’s work will grace
the library walls from September 10 through November 11, 2015. If you are interested in participating in this very positive cooperative venture,
please contact Rosemary Sovyak, GAC – Library liason, at: [email protected] or by phone, 724-853-1822.
Is your life worth $1000? The Development Committee has secured a small grant for $250 to help secure an AED ( Automated External
Defibrillator ) for the Art Club. We will be researching other options for the purchase of the AED. As we all know, securing funds from agencies is
becoming very difficult, so as always we will be asking for donations. The number of sudden Heart Attacks is on the rise and getting help
immediately can save a life of one of our members, students or visitors. We realize that we do not want to think negatively or to wish anyone ill
will. Being prepared is a priority!! The total cost will probably be around $1500, which would include the AED machine, battery back-up, additional
adult pads and maintenance. Training would also be required and hopefully we can secure this locally. Your feedback is certainly welcomed and
you will be hearing more about this goal as the months go by.
Members of GAC and artists in the area are invited to participate in an exciting opportunity. Experiencing the Arts: Artists in Action and the
26th MAC Art Show will feature demonstrations by award-winning artists, an art show, and exhibits and demos by craftsmen. Participating artists'
items will be available for purchase. The event, sponsored by Monroeville Arts Council, Visit Monroeville, and UPMC East will be held at the
Monroeville Convention Center, South Area – July 31, August 1 and 2 from 10 AM to 6PM. Submission deadline for works in the art show is July
1. See website: monroevilleartscouncil.org, call 412-373-0277, or see Nancy Dalverny for further details, forms, and for ways you can
Purchase a unique keepsake designed by The Cat’s Meow. This miniature wooden replica measures 3 ¼” H x 6
¼ ” W. The front shows our Center and the back has a brief history/description. Checks payable to: GAC, 230
Todd School Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601 16$ Call 724-837-6791 or order online-go to Artist Market at
Newsletter Submissions – Bonnie Hoffman- [email protected] or [email protected],net
Lost your copy of the Newsletter, no worries! The latest version is always available on the web at www.greensburgartcenter.org
Artist Market Participant Fee Schedule Participants fees for 2015 are due by Dec 15, 2014 ($35). Those joining after June 15, 2015 will be ½
price. Please contact Cheryl Kirsch 724.864.3140 or Catherine Rosensteel, 724.837.7401.
 Open Studio Weekdays 10 am – 1 pm
 Open studio sessions include Wednesday evenings, 7:00 PM, Thursday mornings, 10 to 1:00 and Saturday afternoons with Jerry
 Tuesday evening Decorative Tole Classes with Rose Hastings ongoing except for bad weather or illness. 6pm-9pm.
 FIGURE/PORTRAIT SESSIONS, Fourth Monday of the month, 7-9:45 pm, $10.00
 Clay Studio Rental: We are pleased to see an increase in interest in using the clay studio. In order to accommodate all interested
members and prevent any conflicts among renters and future clay classes, ALL PARTIES must schedule their time on the calendar in
the classroom and pay their rent at least 24 hours in advance . There will be no increase in the rental fee at this time, but Payment
must be made at the time of scheduling. I will be reconciling these payments when I reconcile sales. Please have a monitor fill out a
sales slip with your payment for my records. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Jackie Moreno
A procedure has been put into place for rental of the classroom walls. This procedure consists of a Sign-up Sheet (on the bulletin board in the
classroom), Contract Sheets, and Inventory Sheets (both of which are directly below bulletin board in white paper holder). Please avail yourselves
of this information when considering displaying artwork in the future. Sincerely, Jackie Moreno.
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