July 23 2009 Published every Thursday
This past week, as in many weeks previous in the past year we have heard more bad stories of our economy and the state
it’s in. Let there be no doubt that we know firsthand how bad things are in this rural peninsula but also remember we never
got the full layout of the Celtic tiger only the crumbs or whatever the tiger left after him. But when listening to the report from
An Bord Snip last week we in rural Ireland must take the full blow of all the cuts proposed if this country is to get back up
and running once again. We should not feel angry towards An Bord Snip we should just feel sorry for people who have such
a sad mindset. The only thing in the report they didn’t put in was that all of us in rural Ireland should head to Dublin in our
Donkey and Carts this is how people with that mindset see all people in rural Ireland. Shut the gates around the capital or
maybe a couple of more cities in Ireland and turn the rest in to Jurassic park for all to visit once a year. This report from An
Bord Snip sadly lacked any proper means of tackling the problems of our economy people earning hundreds of thousands
yearly in many walks of life are been protected by these reports but chase after the most vulnerable in our society to see
could they milk us for a few more quid so we could finance the lavish lifestyle of TV and Radio presenters and so many more
in an ever increasingly looking corrupt Ireland. Some of these people have no conscience but its easy to know why they
have just lost touch with reality. The scenes in Ballineen last week at the farmers protest is something that sadly we will see
more and more of over the next few weeks and months ahead as our ever increasingly two tier society is becoming more
evident as the days go by. Reps four has been removed and for many farmers this was their bread and butter for the table.
How can this be compensated for these farmers, a women summed it up on the radio the other day when she said its like
someone coming up and taking eight thousand Euros out of your pocket and she asked the reporter the question how would
you feel if that happened to you. Not all payments were 8 thousand some four or five thousand etc but you had to carry out
a lot of work on your farm to bring it up to proper standards before you got these payments. So now farmers are left without
and yes they are angry and so are the many more who have lost there jobs and then we have these Bord Snips with their
dreams claiming that it cost them very little money to put this report together well lets be honest any child in National School
could have run this up and if the Government were honest they wouldn't give them anything at all other than a Donkey and
Cart and head them west to the country. But will the voice of the people of rural Ireland be listened when the time comes the
Lisbon treaty is a prime example as to how democracy can get a kick in the teeth this treaty, which we were told prior to the
last referendum could never be negotiated has now been negotiated a little bit of jigging around and guess what we've got to
vote again and been honest whether your in favour of Lisbon or against, democracy is the big loser here and that explains a
lot for the times we've been landed in. NIALL MELLON FUNDRAISER. As part of an Irish initiative to build houses for the
impoverished communities in South African townships, Goleen is sending out five people this year—Richie Barry, Michael
Barry, Pat Reidy, Brian O’Sullivan and Paul Flatman. As part of their ongoing fundraising effort Paul and Kevin Barry are
going to abseil down Mizen head on Sunday. You can watch and bet on this spectacular event from the Mizen Lighthouse
car park at 3pm. So everyone lets get out there and support their efforts for the less well off of our world. SCHULL
HOSPITAL COLLECTION—Schull Hospital strikes a cord with many families in the Mizen Peninsula and beyond for the
good work its been doing over the years. The yearly street collection has raised much funds down through the years for lots
of equipment for patients comforts. This year street collection will take place in Schull on Friday 24th July from approx 9.00
am onwards also the street collection will take place in Ballydehob on the same day please support generously.
SCHULL SHOW Don’t anyone say they have nowhere to go on Sunday next, as Schull show takes place. One of the
biggest events taking place in the Mizen peninsula during the year. The show has a lots of exciting events taking place on
the day so look forward to seeing you there! KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR DAY- A big thank you to all that helped out on
the Know Your Neighbour Day in every way and all those who donated baking. This has been a busy few days for us in the
community centre with film makers, playschool, and know your neighbour day over a thousand people have passed through
the gates in just a few days and many of these
from all over the country and world. Michael Collins, Chairman, GDCC 086-3174606.
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July 25
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July 26
Schull Show—Town Park, Schull 2.00-5.00 p.m.
July 26
Abseiling at the Mizen in aid of the Niall Mellon Volunteers at 3.00pm.
July 28
Scoraoicht at Ovane Falls, Ballylickey, Bantry 3.00-6.00pm
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Deaths: Bobby McEntaggart, Drogheda -Sympathy is extended to his brothers Martin and Michael McEntaggart (Leamcon
and Schull) and all his family and friends.
Mick McEvoy, Portlaoise—Sympathy is extended to his daughter Winnie (O’Callaghan, Leamcon) and all his family and
friends. The deaths also occurred of Tom Hayes, Dunbeacon and Mary Ann Goggin, Cloughanekilleen and Calnan Park,
Goleen—Sympathy is extended to their families and friends.
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successful Scoraoicht in June. Margaret Rowley 086-4070147
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