Acme Engineering
Our modern machine shop houses an outstanding line up of “state
of the art” equipment and we would like to extend an invitation
to representatives of industry to visit our facilities so the various
facets of our machine shop, illustrated in this brochure, can be
viewed first hand. At Acme Engineering you will find a stable,
dedicated workforce capable of handling the most intricate job.
Over the years Acme Engineering has produced components and
tooling for the manufacturing, packaging, printing, mining, power
generation and scientific industries.
Quality Assurance
In line with our own stringent quality assurance policy, inspection
testing and manufacturing procedures are continuously
monitored to ensure all components meet specification. Our
slip gauges and hardness standards are traceable to national
standard. Our profile projector with a maximum magnification
x100, can project a component 10 times normal size to verify a
taper and radius. An “A” Grade granite table offers a reference
plane that is stable and serviceable for many years. Hardness
testing is provided by both Avery and Vickers Rockwell
Machines in house or by Emcotest portable hardness testing
in Rockwell superficial. All machines are calibrated yearly
to ensure any heat treated parts leave our premises within
specification providing our customers with a guarantee of the
best possible end product.
Rambaudi Vertical Mill
The Rambaudi has proved to be an excellent toolroom mill for our close
tolerance machining tasks, equipped with a digital readout with
an accuracy of .005mm. This fully universal milling machine makes an
ideal complement to Acme Engineering’s CNC milling machining.
Dean Smith & Grace
Toolroom Centre Lathe
This lathe is often described as
the Rolls Royce of centre lathes.
This machine combined with
our Colchester and Holbrook
toolroom lathes play a major part
in helping us meet
our customer needs.
Specialised Hand Working
Universal Mill
Our Hitachi Seiki milling machine is a large general purpose machine
that helps us fill many gaps in our production capacity. Used for large
boring and milling operations and spur and helical gear cutting.
Our Yamage toolroom slotter,
complete with automatic feeds
on all axes including the
large 600mm indexable rotary
table allows us to cut internal
keyways, splines and gears
with unparalleled ease.
Machines like our 3 dimensional
pantograph, reciprocating hand
filing machine, air turbine,
flexible shaft grinding and
polishing machines set us apart
from the opposition by allowing
us to tackle the most intricate
and unusual tooling, die and
component manufacture.
Controlled Lathe
Our up to date machine shop not only is equipped
with a large range of versatile machines but has the
skilled and stable labour force to man them - take
this lathe which is capable of machining all types of
materials with great accuracy.
Our numerically controlled lathe is specially suited to
turning jobs involving short to medium run production
jobs. When it comes to work requiring steps, threads,
tapers, or radii it is ideal, in fact it takes a multitude of
tasks in its stride.
Machining centre
We are currently negotiating procurement of a
small sized CNC milling machine to compliment our
Mazak CNC lathe. The purpose being, to supply our
customers with fully machined CNC components at a
competitive price on large volumes where conventional
machining would be too expensive.
The unit compliments our Mazak lathe in size with vital
statistics of;
Recent retrofitting of a popular late model controller
makes for easy operation & programming.
Electrical Discharge
Our large and powerful Eurospark EDM machine gives
us the advantage in being able to electrically machine
by spark erosion. A varied combination of Ferrous & non
Ferrous alloys including fully hardened tool steel.
EDM is used in situations where conventional machining
is impossible or not economical or where problems of
distortion in pre heat-treated tool steels can be solved by
post heat treatment machining.
High accuracy & superfine finishes are possible resulting
in surfaces requiring little or no post machining clean-up.
Acme Engineering’s experience in machine
manufacture has allowed diversification in
pneumatics, hydraulics and programmable
logic control (PLC), giving us the edge in
machine rebuilding or from the ground up
design and manufacture i.e., our own designed
and built video plate mounting machine for
the flexographic printing industry.
Heat Treatment
Acme Engineering knows the heat treatment
business well, we’ve been heat treating
components for years. Our expertise has made
us a leader in case-hardening, hardening of tool
and alloy steels, annealing and tempering. We
can handle a subject for treatment up to 20kg
in volume. Our digitally controlled furnaces are
maintained to the highest standards compatible
with the demands of specialist component
manufacture and toolroom work.
Metal Spray
Acme Engineering’s use of specialist metal spray,
cast iron fusion powders and electrodes allow
us to reclaim often extremely expensive parts at
a lower cost for our customers, often reducing
downtime and further expense.
Fabrication and
Sheetmetal Work
As a logical extension to the well equipped
machine shop we are capable of the manufacture
of units in steel, aluminium and stainless steel
either in welded and fabricated form or thinner
sheet metal products; we can also undertake
high quantity press runs (tooling manufactured by
Acme) on our John Heine open back inclinable
power press.
Precision grinding is Acme Engineerings forte and
with experience in tool and mould manufacture
behind us its not surprising that grinding is one
of our specialist activities. This is even more
significant when it is considered that the grinding
process comes at the end of the line of many of
the earlier precision machining operations.
Cylindrical Tool Cutter and
Knife Grinding
We undertake this grinding on a variety of
machines and our expertise extends from internal
work through to small diameter precision work
and specialist cutters of various types and sizes.
Including gillotine blades, doctor blades and
various knives.
Surface Grinding
Acme Engineerings surface grinding operations are
carried out by highly skilled specialist tradesmen.
An on going programme of specialist grinding and
finely toleranced flat surface finishing work ensure
our workmanship is kept to the highest degree.
At ACME Engineering we can undertake all forms
of measurement from angles to diameters and
distances. We preform these tasks on a range of
equipment from specially calibrated micrometers
starting at .001mm to survey type measuring
equipment like our Leica theodolite- total station
which can measure distances and angles up
to 300M on site. We also have the capacity to
machine accurate angles by optical rotary table.

Acme Engineering