Ch 9 Sec 2
1. Securing the Northwest
A. Between the Appalachian
Mountains and the
Mississippi River there were
1. Spain claimed the land
2. Britain claimed the land
3. USA claimed the land
4. Problems with the natives
(which Britain supported)
Ch 9 Sec 2
1. Securing the Northwest Territory
B. Spain had Florida,
New Orleans and
much land west of
the Mississippi.
1. Spain controlled
the Port of New
Orleans and would
not let Americans sail
freely out of the port
2. Battle of Fallen Timbers
A. Washington sent troops to Ohio Valley to
protect land from the natives
B. America lost 2 big battles
C. America won big at Battle of Fallen Timbers
2. Battle of Fallen Timbers
1. Treaty of Greenville-Natives lost most of Ohio
Valley land
3. Whiskey Rebellion
A. Hamilton had taxed whiskey
B. Farmers were MAD!
C. Farmers rebelled
3. Whiskey Rebellion
D. Washington called in militia
E. Uprising was put down
1. Message: Government has power and will
enforce laws!!!!!

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