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Arizona Contractor’s License
Hair and complexion
Part of the Anderson Crew: 1999
Mrs. Anderson (Connie) is
dwarfed by this 30-ft3, twin
Resin Tank Water Softener we
installed for the…
Sedona Golf Resort &
Conference Center
We have sold & installed approx. 90%
of the commercial Water Softeners in
the Verde Valley and will submit a
Customer List upon request.
Deluxe Fleck 9000 Water Softener
Meters the water and regenerates only
when necessary, by the gallons.
No “Clock” to fool with…
Uses one tank at a time. When the meter
zero’s-out, it switches tanks and the
expended tank then goes into
regeneration, using clean, soft water
from the tank that’s online, to accomplish
the regeneration process.
Uses only a fraction of the salt, compared
to conventional Water Softeners.
Unlimited supply of soft water.
Brass valve body as opposed to plastic.
Super high flow rates (25-gpm)
One word warranty: LIFETIME
Simply the best Water Softener made
in the USA
MicroTel Motel: Fleck 9500
Sedona Hyatt Pinion Point
Soft Water
Carbon Backwash System (left) and a Fleck 9000 Water Softener
Our Biggest Seller…
Our biggest seller
•A Computerized demand
system that regenerates (uses
salt) only when necessary…
every so many gallons; not
every so many days.
•1-inch piping and valves
throughout, which means
super high flow rates.
•Comes with a 10-Year
Extended Warranty on all
parts and 1-Year Free Labor.
•Self-cleaning “Flapper
Valves”… trouble-free.
Dirty, hard water, laden with dissolved minerals (lime-stone or Calcium
Carbonate) costs you money… a lot of money!
If you finance the investment through us, you save much more each month
than the small monthly payments and that translates to a win / win deal.
Economics 101
Soft Water costs you nothing.
The savings on soap & related products alone will normally make your
payments for you. (That means you can have soft, clean water… free.)
Saving $60.00 / month x 60-months = $3,600.00 savings in only 5-years.
That… is a good investment!
Deluxe Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
Our Talented Technician…
Our Service Truck is stocked with everything we need to professionally install
your equipment. We do not have to make numerous trips to the Hardware
Store to buy parts… while charging the customer for that wasted time.
Dodge Sprinter Service Truck
Vice President in Charge of Security: “Bowser”
Vice President - Security
A. R. Anderson
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There will be no pressure to buy anything.
“We only hope you’ll remember us when you’re
ready to make the investment.”
We do not have highly commissioned salespeople on staff.
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