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Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Environmental Management Bureau
ECAC for mSMEs
 Overview of Micro-Small to Medium Enterprises
 Why do we need a compliance assistance center for mSMEs
 Objectives of ECAC for mSMEs
 Website Features
Overview of Micro-Small to Medium Enterprises
registered enterprises in the Philippines
816,759 out of the 820, 255 registered enterprises are mSMEs
jobs generated by mSMEs. They contribute 32% of the total economic
output of the country.
Source: Department of Trade and Industry
Why do we need a compliance assistance center for mSMEs?
This steady growth also means that mSMEs widely contributes
significant impacts to the environment. Hence, mSMEs are mandated
by the government to comply with environmental laws, rules,
regulations and standards.
Objectives of ECAC for mSMEs
Help mSMEs comply with environmental laws, regulations and standards
Republic Act 9275 Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004
Republic Act 8749 Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999
Republic Act 6969 Toxic Substances, Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control Act of 1990
Presidential Decree 1586 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Statement of 1978
Objectives of ECAC for mSMEs
Help mSMEs adopt and practice good environmental management
Develop mSMEs to become DENR’s partner in encouraging/enforcing
compliance to environmental requirements.
Capacitate mSMEs to critically pinpoint environmental challenges that will
affect their business
Develop a complete and growing Environmental Compliance Database
To instil long-term environmental culture in the Philippine’s mSME community
How the ECAC can assist for mSMEs in complying with environmental
ECAC gives information on various
environmental compliance matters
Points out environmental
management responsibilities of mSMEs
Provides information on how to
comply with applicable environmental
laws, regulations and standards
Website Features
mSME Corner
Ask The Expert
Frequently Asked Questions
PCO Schedule Tracker
SME Corner
FAQ & Ask The Expert
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – presents examples of questions that mSMes are
likely to ask. The FAQ provides the answers.
Ask the Expert – mSME’s may write or call the ECAC to make inquiries or ask
questions. EMB will refer the question/ inquiry to the appropriate expert or group of
experts to study and provide answers thru the ECAC
Schedule Tracker for PCO Training
Postings of current PCO training schedule that mSMEs can keep track of. These includes details of
the workshop, contact number, and training fee. If available, downloadable materials from the
source will also be provided.
Future add-ons
Make the website a complete one stop-shop for Environmental Compliance concerns
Expand on each industry and include Best Practices, Environmental Challenges, and
Environmental Impact of each industry
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