Jane Goodall
By: Jamie and Dylan
Who is Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall is a female
anthropologists who conducted a 35
year study about social interactions
and family socialization of
chimpanzees in Gombe Stream
National park. She was born April 3,
1934, in London UK
What did she do?
Jane goodall did a 35 year study of
chimpanzees on how they socialize and have
She wanted to see even though they still
mainly have animal behaviors or instincts, if
that chimpanzees and humans have similar
social patterns
Gombe Stream
National park
Gombe Stream National Park is where Jane’s
main and most well known study was held
In 1960, Jane without colligate training, was
there at Gombe, looked more closely than
other scientists may have overlooked
Instead of numbering the chimps, she gave
them names that matched their personality with
the troop
David Greybeard, a grey-chinned male who first
warmed up to Goodall.
• Goliath, a friend of David Greybeard, originally
the alpha male named for his bold nature.
• Mike, who through his smarts and improvisation
displaced Goliath as the alpha male.
• Humphrey, a big, strong, bullysome male.
• Gigi, a large, female chimp who loved being
almost like an aunt to young chimps and humans
Mr. McGregor, a belligerent older male.
• Flo and high ranking female, and her
children, Figan, Faben, Freud, Fifi, and Flint.
• Frodo, Fifi's second oldest child, an
aggressive male who would frequently attack Jane,
and ultimately forced her to leave the troop when he
became alpha male.
She found that “it isn’t only human beings who
have personality, who are capable of rational
thought and emotions like joy and sorrow”
Jane also observed behaviors like hugs,
kisses, pats on the back, which also
demonstrated how chimps have very similar
social bonds with family and member of the
community showing affection
Do you think
violence is part of
nature or nurture?
There is a aggressive and violent side like
humans. The chimps would hunt for smaller
primates like the colobus monkey. They will
hunt, kill and eat the smaller primates.
She also discovered that they will share the
carcass with others who showed begging type
of behavior.
As well as humans, the chimps also showed a
very dark behavior. She observed dominant
females deliberately killing young of other
females to keep their dominance, they would
go as far as cannibalism. This was a
revolutionary find for similarities between
humans and chimps, but the connection is
much darker.
Why was her work
It demonstrates the
similarities in social
patterns within a
community and family that
chimps have, that humans
also demonstrate.
It also shone the light how
humans are very similar to
primates and that we are
not as unique as we once
thought before
Her research has also help
understand on how human
think and act in a group or
Also furthered our
knowledge on the nature
vs nurture and how nature
plays a huge role on how
we act and socialize
Do you think
humans are truly
unique, or are we
more animal than
we like to admit?
Do you think Jane
goodall, study was
a step ahead in
social sciences?

Jane Goodall - Ms. Thresher