Jane Goodall
The Woman Who Redefined Man
• Born April 3, 1934 in London,
• Traveled to Africa at the age of 23
and met the famous anthropologist
and paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey
• Dr. Leakey inspired and supported
her interest in animals; and
suggested a field study of the
chimpanzees in the Gombe Stream
Chimpanzee Reserve in Tanzania
Early Life at Gombe
• Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve in 1960 was very
untouched, mountainous terrain; almost completely cut off
from civilization
• Chimpanzee research in the wild prior to Jane was previously
very unexplored and unsucessful, the last attempt lasting only
two months in French Guinea
• Dr. Goodall was accompanied by her mother Vanne; both
were inexperienced researchers in the field
• Early days of the camp required Goodall to rely on the
expertise of African guides to show her how to navigate the
bush; and to find the chimpanzees
Early Observations
• Observing the wild chimpanzees
was a slow process; took many
months before trust was
• Jane observed complex social
interactions; such as greetings
from one chimp to another,
youngsters playing games, and
affectionate exchanges
• Jane named each chimp
individually, to identify each
ones distinct personality
The Chimpanzees
• David Greybeard- first chimp
to approach Jane; crucial to
core discoveries
• Flo- female of approx. 40 years
of age, traveled with her
• Goliath- large male that
traveled with David Greybeard,
approx. 100lbs in size
• Mr. McGregor- senior male
over 40 years of age
First Discoveries
• Chimpanzees exhibited “tool-making” behaviors; until this
discovery it was previously thought that man was defined by
that ability
• Chimpanzees hunted and consumed meat; were previously
thought to be strictly vegetarians
• Chimps exhibit a sense of “self”; showed empathy and family
Chimpanzee Vs. Human Behavior
Submissive to higher intelligence
Values intellect
Show sex appeal behavior
Values sex appeal
Show mutual friendships
Values friendships
Shows some signs of mate bonding
Mate bonding often occurs
Does not show romantic love
Romance often occurs
Sense of “Self”
Total knowledge of “Self”
Unspoken communication
Spoken communication
Gombe Today
• Gombe Chimpanzee Sanctuary research continues on today;
assisted by interns and research assistants
• Long term study of chimpanzees necessary for sufficient data
• Habitat loss now leading threat facing Gombe; research
station has expanded but habitat is being lost readily
Implications of Research
• The definition of man itself challenged by the concept of toolmaking
• Do chimpanzees deserve rights the same as man? Or does the
spoken language barrier dictate rights?
• Should chimps be accepted as man-like because of their sense
of self
• Should the definition of “man” be redefined?
• Anthropomorphism
• Inexperience prior to field research
• Jane Goodall today is recognized worldwide as the worlds
leading primatologist
• She was named a U.N. Messenger of Peace in 2002
• Her research is highly respected and regarded as revolutionary
in its time; changed the face of how we view animal behavior
• Was one of the very few people to obtain a Ph.D from
Cambridge without first obtaining her B.A.
• Has written multiple books; and is highly regarded for her
• She is an accomplished activist and speaker; and travels 300
days out of the year to do motivational and educational
The JGI/Roots and Shoots
• Improve global understanding and treatment of
great apes through research, public education and
• Contribute to the preservation of great apes and
their habitats by combining conservation with
education and promotion of sustainable livelihoods
in local communities
• Roots & Shoots program is about making positive
change happen—for our communities, for animals
and for the environment. With hundreds of
thousands of young people in more than 120
countries, the Roots & Shoots network connects
youth who share a desire to create a better world.