Our concept is Trigonometry
By: Gerardo Alcántara and Cristian
We use it in astronomy, navigation, naval and aviation industries,
oceanography, land surveying and in cartography( the creation of
maps). We especially use it in something that everyone loves…….
Music!!!!!!!!! Even though we hear it, computers cannot so they
represent it as constituent sound waves. Also the curved surfaces
of steel, stone and glass would also not be possible without Trig.
And also Digital imaging!!!!!!!! Also next time you go and get a
CAT scan or an MRI the sine and cosine functions have a practical
application of Trigonometry.
The thing that interested us the most in this was that
we use trigonometry every single day without
knowing we are using it. Like music. Who doesn’t
listen to it. When you play it in your computer those
sound waves that appear are used with trigonometry.
And also when you use your GPS. And also when you
use utensils. Knives, forks, and spoons would not be
curved if it weren't for trigonometry.
We learned that if it weren't for trigonometry,
we wouldn’t have many of the things we have,
like knives, music, GPS, etc.
Yes we would like to learn many things,
especially when Ms. Bakas is going to teach it
to us because it is very interesting.

ce_3q_alcantara,garcia_trigonometry - EAmagnet-geo