Viola van der Meer
Deputy Civil-Law Notary
Corporate Governance
Crossborder Structuring
Estate Planning
International Business
Mergers and Acquisitions
French Desk
Commercial Real Estate
Health Care
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Viola van der Meer is a senior deputy civil-law notary at Kennedy Van der
Laan. Viola studied Notarial Law and Law at the University of Utrecht and
at the University of Cape Town. She joined Kennedy Van der Laan in
2011. In 2012, she successfully completed the Grotius Academy course in
Company and Corporate Law.
Viola has extensive experience in notarial corporate law and estate
planning. In the notarial law practice, which she conducts together with
Jan Schouten, she advises Dutch and foreign companies and banks on
cross-border reorganizations, acquisitions, investments, joint ventures,
securities, shareholder structures and corporate governance.
In the field of estate planning she advises clients regarding inheritance
law, matrimonial property law and gift tax and inheritance tax, also
including the registration of real estate in somebody’s name after divorce
or death, for, particularly, Dutch clients with assets in France.
Viola has a great liking for everything French, which started after she had
worked for a few months in Paris in a French civil-law notary’s office.
Practice areas
 Corporate transactions
 Estate planning
 Law, University of Utrecht, 2005
 Notarial Law, University of Utrecht
 Law, University of Cape Town
 Post-doctoral, Corporate law at Grotius Academy

Viola van der Meer Deputy Civil-Law Notary