By Erika Sottiaux
 Background History
 Glossary
 Artifacts
 Summary
 Insider Perspective
 She’s the Man
 Video
 References
 He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Will went
to grammar school where he studied Latin, and Greek.
He ended up marrying Anne Hathaway. Will eventually
decides to join the Theatre and become an actor. The
plague interfered with the Theatre performances and
sooner than later the owner did not want to renew the
lease. The idea of the Globe was then invented. It was
built at night so it was not discovered until it was all
done. By the midd-1599 the Globe had its grand opening
and it soon became very popular. After the Globe was
built is when Will wrote his greatest plays.
 The other title for this play is What You Will, and it is a
comedy. Shakespeare got his idea for this play from the
Italian play Gl’Ingannati, which has a similar love
triangle and twins that get misinterpreted for each
other. He also used the ideas from an English play
called “Apollonius and Silla,” by Barnabe Riche. This
play involves, twins and a woman dressing up as a
man. So Shakespeare copied the plot from this play
because it even includes the shipwreck.
Shakespeare put his own spin on words just like the singers
do on American Idol.
 By= nearby
 ‘havior= behavior
 Proper-false= handsome and deceitful man
 Swabber= sailor
 Tis not that time of moon with me
 Pyramises= pyramids
 ‘slid= God’s eyelid
 ‘slight= God’s light
 The clothing- because Viola is dressing up as Cesario
which disguises her from being a woman and causes
confusion throughout the play.
 Complicated mirrors- everyone is interpreting people
for someone else. This is how the love triangle
 The main characters are Viola, Olivia, Orsino, Cesario, and
Sebastian (Viola’s twin brother). This takes place in the
Kingdom of Illyria. Viola and her brother Sebastian get in a
shipwreck and Viola is the only one that makes it to
land(Illyria). She needs work, but needs to dress up as a
man because Lady Olivia does not welcome strangers. Viola
takes the name of Cesario and works for Duke Orsino. After
sometime being at Illyria the love triangle occurs. Viola
loves Orsino, Orsino loves Olivia, and Olivia loves Cesario
and everyone is just plain miserable.
 Viola dressing up as a man and then falling in love
with Duke Orsino had to be very confusing. She loved
the Duke but could not express her feelings for him
because she was dressed as a man. Also, she has to
hear the Duke talk about how he loves Olivia and
Cesario(Viola) is offended by this and wants the Duke
to be in love with Viola.
 She’s the Man is a modern form of the Twelfth Night.
Most people did not know this and I was not aware
until my Senior year in High School. It is very similar
but just the minor details are different. Viola knows
Sebastian is alive and disguises herself as him and goes
to an all boys school called Illyria to play soccer.
 Brandenberg, Aliki. William Shakespeare and the Globe.
United States: Harper Collins Publishers, 1999. Print