Haringey CAB
Our role in working to
combat Child Poverty in
Markos Chrysostomou
5th highest
proportion of
children in
poverty in the
9 out of 19
wards with Child
Poverty levels of
over 50%.
Responding to
the needs of the
How did we become involved?
Previous outreach work through New
Deal for Communities.
NRF funded Project - Reaping the
Benefits – outreach income maximisation
project in 3 of the poorest wards.
Target groups included families.
Delivered in partnership with LBH
Neighbourhood Management.
2 of the venues were Children’s Centres.
Building on Experience
 Financial outcomes from income maximisation
work in outreach settings were high.
 Need for targeted Benefit Take Up work
 Targeting parents through working in Children’s
Centres increased access for parents in non
stigmatising environments.
 Having pressed for an anti poverty strategy the
Haringey Child Poverty Action Group was set up
to specifically address Child Poverty in Haringey.
 Funding secured to research and develop
initiatives to combat Child Poverty, including a
pilot Children’s Centre advice service in a
deprived area in the West of the borough.
Delivering Services
 Reaping the Benefits has run for nearly 4 years
but due to end January. Over £1.5 million in extra
benefits and debt write offs gained.
 Funding secured to provide a borough wide
Children’s Centres Advice Project providing
Benefits and Money advice to parents.
 Project is funded for 6 months up to March 2011
and has to achieve outcomes of 200 families &
£100k in extra benefits. The 1st month has already
seen money gains and more than 50 families have
accessed the service.
 Added value includes training sessions and 2nd
tier support to Children’s Centre staff.
Actively influencing Policy
 Membership of Haringey CPAG.
 Reporting on outcomes and trends.
 Contributing to the Child Poverty Needs
 Making recommendations for strategy
 Working with Children’s Centre staff & Council
Officers to increase awareness of issues affecting
 Provision of information and training to increase
front line support for parents.
Where from here?
 Reducing Child Poverty remains a priority.
 LAs have to involve the 3rd sector in
strategy development.
 Haringey has completed it’s needs
 Bureaux in strong position to deliver
 Our work with Haringey has been
recognised by the Child Poverty Unit &
evidence from our work will be used in the
submission to Frank Field.
Lessons Learned
 Effective preparation.
 Agree effective resource allocation.
 Effective promotion and engagement with
targeted communities.
 Review and Analysis throughout project life
 Recognise, celebrate & communicate
 Multi faceted monitoring & building on data
acquired to inform development of future
 Make recommendations and contribute to
policy development.
The Importance of Partnership
“Both the Children’s Centres and CAB have a strong
commitment to relieving child poverty within Haringey
– neither party can achieve this alone. By working
together we combine resources and expertise to
provide a strong and effective service to the whole
family. This is why Haringey Council is working
together in partnership to deliver a borough wide
Children’s Centre Advice Service.”
Annie Jordan – Working Families Information Officer,
London Borough of Haringey.