Research, Analysis and Statistics
Update on SOI’s Joint
Research Program
2012 Joint Research Program Highlights
Submissions closed December 2011
o 51 research proposals:
31 – Individual income taxes
10 – Corporations
5 – Corporation and non-corporate businesses combined
5 – Estate taxes or the relationship between income
o Applicants from:
• Academia
• Non-profit research organizations
• Government agencies
2012 Joint Research Program Highlights
o SOI selected 16 projects:
• 4 Corporations (+1 deferred by the researcher)
• 3 Estate tax
• 8 Individual income tax
o Office of Research selected 3 projects
o Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis is supporting 1 project
2012 Joint Research Program Highlights
Data access arrangements:
o 9 projects are joint with staff handling all data access.
• Performed under a simple Memorandum of
Understanding outlining project and products
• Many of these are well underway
• 2 will be presented at fall NTA meetings
o 5 projects conducted under Intergovernmental Personnel
Mobility Act arrangements
• Researcher becomes an unpaid employee of SOI for
research project
• 1 underway, 3 in processing, ! on hold
o 6 projects conducted under zero-dollar contractual
agreements with research teams
2012 Joint Research Program Highlights
All projects are assigned to an SOI subject matter expert
o Serve as technical resource
o Monitor all aspects of the project to ensure compliance
• Applicable data access and security standards
• Agreed project scope
o Review all interim and final products for compliance with
data use and contract guidelines before release to the
SOI Joint Research Program - Future
o Committed to a robust, ongoing program of joint projects
with researchers outside of RAS
o Compiling best practices and lessons learned from 2012
program to improve administrative processes
o Plan to announce new call for proposals in late FY2013,
resources permitting
o Questions?
o Contact:
[email protected]
(202) 874-0316

IRS-SOI Presentation on Research Program