Integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems
in the Law Enforcement Agency
Chuck Russo, PhD
American Military University
Anthony Galante, MS
Daytona Beach Police Department
Alexander Mirot, MS
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Limited Deployments in
Customs and Border Protection
Arlington Police Department, TX
Texas Department of Public Safety
Ogden Police Department, UT
National Guard
Houston Police Department, TX
Mesa County Police Department, CO
Miami Police Department, FL
Daytona Beach Police Department, FL
Police – University Partnership
Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD)
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)
• Mutually beneficial partnership
– ERAU needed DBPD to operate UAS under DBPD’s
certificate of authorization (COA) to develop the
training program
– DBPD needed ERAU for training, expertise and
operational (UAS) experience
Public Safety Aspects
• Search and rescue
• High risk law
enforcement activities
• HazMat incidents
• Large scale fires
• Mass casualty incidents
• Intelligence gathering
• Surveillance
• Crowd control
• Infrastructure patrol
• Natural resource mgmt
• Agriculture uses
Present Integration Issues
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Federal Aviation Administration
External Issues
Aviation Committee
• Developed guidelines for operation
– Focused on
• Safety
• Professionalism
• Respect
As of August 2012:
Community Engagement
System Requirements
Operational Procedures
Image Retention
Certificate Of Authorization (COA)
• Formal permission from FAA for operation
• Only a public entity is allowed to obtain one
for each platform prior to 2015
• 2015 COA available to commercial entities
National Policy N 8900.207 (issued 01-22-13)
• See and avoid (SAA)
• Autonomous flight
• Lost link
• Prohibitions
• Pilot qualification
• Observer qualification
• CRM training
External Issues
– Automated enforcement
– Mission creep
• Politics
– States in the process of enacting legislation
limiting UAS usage/implementation
• Privacy rights group
• Economy
• Community perception
Media and Public Perception
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Integration of Unmanned Arial Systems in the Law